5 At-Home Valentine's Day Date Ideas

5 At-Home Valentine's Day Date Ideas
  • Written on February 08, 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! We know this year’s celebrations will be different than we all had hoped, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your loved ones how much you care. There are plenty of ways to make the holiday just as romantic as previous years without leaving your home.

Plan a romantic dinner at home. Ditch the reservation and spend some quality time creating a romantic (and delicious) dinner for two! If you frequently cook at home, switch it up and take turns with your partner cooking each course. Or try recreating the menu that you two had on your first date or even your wedding night – it may not turn out like a Michelin-star meal, but you can reminisce! If cooking isn’t your forte, there’s no shame in having the chef be named “DoorDash” or “Grubhub.” This option is perfect for those who are in long-distance relationships – surprise each other with a meal you think they’ll love from afar. 

Enjoy a DIY night. Instead of buying gifts for each other, take a different, more thoughtful route and do a DIY craft night. Look up crafts on Pinterest to do together and head to your local craft store ahead of time to get the supplies. Or you can purchase a craft kit online – there are even “Date Night In a Box” kits that surprise you and your significant other with two different activities like wine tasting or candle making.

Take a class. Spend the evening trying something new together from the comfort of your own home! Together you can take classes that teach you how to make the perfect sourdough bread, let you taste test different wines, learn how to make a mosaic print and more. Look out for classes hosted by local businesses in the area for a close-to-home touch. You can even get the whole family involved with a kid-friendly class like cupcake decorating or a dance class!

Have breakfast in bed. With the holiday landing on a Sunday, take advantage and spend a leisurely morning and brunch in bed. Queue up a good movie and get a tray ready to hold as many delicious items as possible. From heart-shaped pancakes and cheesecake-stuffed French toast to a breakfast bagel, there are plenty of amazing recipes to test out and show your loved one you care.

Create a spa experience. Spas may be open but receiving a spa experience without leaving your home is even better! Light some candles, put on some relaxing music, and set up the bedroom and bathroom for a pamper session. You can create DIY face masks to wear during a bubble bath then head to the bedroom for mini massages.

We hope you and your loved one have an amazing and safe Valentine’s Day. Make sure to tag Stanley Martin Homes to share how you made the holiday special from home!