Inside the Home Design Philosophy at Stanley Martin Homes

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  • Written on March 01, 2024 By Stanley Martin Homes

In the world of homebuilding, creating spaces that people love to live in requires more than just architectural skills; it demands a deep understanding of the homeowners' lifestyles, needs, and aspirations. At Stanley Martin Homes, the architecture team's approach to home design is deeply rooted in these principles, ensuring thoughtfully crafted homes for real life. We had the opportunity to delve into the philosophies and practices that guide Stanley Martin Homes' design process with Tommy Jones, Senior Director of Architecture and Planning, offering insights into how the architecture department creates home designs that resonate with buyers.

Designing with Purpose

The fundamental principle guiding the Stanley Martin architecture team is straightforward: design homes for the way people live. "We put ourselves in the spaces and imagine how each house lives," Tommy shares. This philosophy means thinking of the different ways to arrange furniture, the flow of foot traffic, and what people would need to make their lives easier.

Incorporating Customer Feedback

Understanding what customers want is crucial in shaping home designs that meet modern buyers' expectations. The team monitors market reports and observes what buyers care about the most to stay in the loop. Stanley Martin's approach is all about putting the customer first. This means continuously tweaking and adjusting the home designs to ensure they align with what people want. "We create option sets for each floor plan, which allows the homes to meet the different regional requirements without compromising on the core design principles," Tommy says.

Keeping Up with Trends

Staying abreast of the latest design trends and innovations is key to meeting customer demands in a constantly evolving housing market. "With team members actively participating in industry councils and annual conferences," Tommy explains, "Stanley Martin Homes presents fresh and relevant designs that are exciting for potential homeowners." By collaborating with stakeholders and leveraging company standardization efforts, the floor plans transcend division and regional lines for broad appeal.

Rewarding Aspects of Home Design

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of designing homes for the Stanley Martin team is witnessing homeowner satisfaction. "They can choose from a variety of builders and plans within their budget, but they choose Stanley Martin and a plan our team has produced," Tommy reflects, underscoring the fulfillment that comes from creating spaces where people genuinely love to live.

Looking to the Future

Stanley Martin focuses on designing flexible homes with great value and adaptability, and the architecture team is always thinking ahead. Features like gourmet kitchens with mindful storage, mudrooms with optional benches, and luxurious primary baths are among the most favored for new home construction. The goal is to ensure the homes meet and exceed customer expectations.

At Stanley Martin Homes, the commitment to designing spaces that resonate with homeowners is evident in every aspect of the work. From the initial concept to the final design, the architecture team's thoughtful approach ensures that each Stanley Martin home is not just a structure but a living, breathing space tailored for comfort, functionality, and joy.