Why SMart Selected Homes is the Smart Move

Smart Selected Homes
  • Written on April 29, 2022 By Stanley Martin

When your family is ready to relocate, you don’t want to wait. A new school year is approaching, the holidays are around the corner or perhaps you need to relocate for work. No matter your reason for moving, our Stanley Martin Homes team is excited to offer SMart Selected Homes, a streamlined quick move-in homes program designed with YOU in mind. Now, you might be wondering what type of home you’ll get these days with such a quick move? Not to worry, the speed of your move doesn’t hinder the high quality of these homes that are designer-inspired with curated packages. You’re not trading quality for time; you’re getting both!

Introducing SMart Selected Homes

SMart Selected Homes is launching at an opportune time, as family moves have remained steady over recent years. In fact, in recent years, there were over 31 million permanent moves. Along with the number of families relocating, housing production delays have made headlines across the nation. Lumber shortages and supply chain disruptions left many waiting and wondering if they’d ever settle into their new home. As Americans face these challenges, we’re thrilled to offer a solution that is transparent, quick and ultimately results in people being able to purchase their dream homes.

SMart Pricing, a feature of SMart Selected Homes, will offer you a greater level of detail and understanding into the pricing, the inclusions and the value in your future home. Most importantly, SMart Pricing provides you, very early in your new home discovery process, with the final price you can expect to pay for your home - eliminating discrepancies and confusion between advertised pricing and the price you would pay at closing.

What are the Benefits of SMart Selected Homes?

  1. Reduce the Stressors of Moving: Let’s face it, moving can be overwhelming. A recent survey found that 45 percent of respondents say that moving is by far the most stressful life event. With the recent supply chain issues, the process can become overwhelming. Now is the time to choose an option with a predictable timeline that eases your stress and brings the joy back to moving into a brand new space.
  2. Make the Homebuying Process Easier: Until the SMart Selected Homes program, the words 'easy' and 'home buying' might not have been associated. These homes have pre-selected floor plans, lots and interior design packages. Your high-quality home is ready for you without an exhausting list of meetings and selection decisions that add to your stress.
  3. Move Faster: Closing issues and delays can occur, and research shows that 22 percent of home purchase contracts are delayed. With SMart Selection Homes, you can minimize these unforeseen hold ups because we make strategic decisions to avoid these types of issues. You may have heard of home buyers experiencing contract-to-closing time delays, but we focus on reducing build time to move-in time, so you can start living in your new space sooner!
  4. Designer-Inspired Finishes: Every homebuyer has a different budget and a list of priorities. We understand, which is why we offer design collections to fit a variety of budgets. Even with your price point in mind, you’ll get professional designer-inspired curated interior and exterior finishes that are backed by research on the latest trends and homebuyer preferences. This means that YOU get the most desirable finishes in your dream home.
  5. Price Transparency: Our SMart Pricing breakdown is fully visible on our website, allowing you to rest easy in knowing that you made the best decision. We take pride in being the industry leader in price transparency in our marketing so that you don’t run into any pricing surprises. You can make your selection from the get-go and not worry about other costs popping up in the process.

SMart Selected Homes is designed to provide you with inspired designs with the ease of curated design packages meant to lower the stress that sometimes accompanies buying a new home. It’s time to settle into your dream home with less delay and less hassle.