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Move into your new home for the holidays

Stanley Martin's SMart Selected Homes are the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to find and purchase a brand new, design-inspired home. Some of these homes are even available now to move into for the holidays! If you’re looking to be in your new home by the end of 2022, look for the homes that feature a Big Red Bow!.

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Move-in For The Holidays

SMart Selected Home Kitchen
SMart Selected Home Bathroom

Here's Why a SMart Selected Home is the Smart Decision for Your Next Home

  • Move in Faster: A SMart Selected Home reduces the contract to closing time - especially as supply chain issues continue to cause delays for many homebuyers
  • No Pricing or Timeline Surprises: SMart Pricing is displayed up front and on the website so you can plan for your new home financing right away; Timelines are more predictable - even with supply chain challenges
  • Less Hassle: All selections are curated by our professional design team with your enjoyment - and the home's value - in mind
  • Better Home: A variety of structural options are chosen to meet the needs of our customers paired with our functional and sought after floor plan designs

Move-in Before The Holidays

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Smart Selected Home?

A SMart Selected Home is a brand-new Stanley Martin home with our best structural pre-selections and expertly curated professional interior design selections.

What are the advantages of choosing a Stanley Martin SMart Selected Home?

  1. SMart Selected homes are brand new, unlike re-sale, and provide on-trend design features
  2. These homes are delivered faster to homebuyers than if a homebuyer were to start a new build from the beginning
  3. Design Collections reduce your selection stress and ease the process of delivery of your new home
  4. In most cases the homebuyer receives the full cost of the home up front – with little or no additional costs after design meetings or construction meetings
  5. This new way to buy a home was put in place to better combat the current supply chain delays and pricing uncertainty, and to make sure that our homebuyers are experiencing an excellent customer experience

Can I choose my design finishes?

In certain cases. Some homes can be purchased during a phase of construction where the design collection has not yet been selected. If you purchase your home in this phase, you will be able to select from the limited set of expertly curated design collections available in that neighborhood.

Keep in mind, if design selections are made or changed by you during this phase, it could change the cost of the home and require an additional option payment. Please consult with your Neighborhood Sales Manager for details.

How long will it take to build my home?

It depends! Your move-in date could be anywhere from 8 months to 30 days from the date of purchase depending on what phase of the building process your home is in when you purchase it.

Why SMart Selected vs. a Resale Home?

SMart Selected Homes offer all of the benefits of a brand new home without the longer wait time homebuyers are used to. It is a home that you will love at a price you can afford in a hassle-free timeline that suits your busy lifestyle.

Are there lot premiums or additional fees associated with my SMart Selected Home?

At Stanley Martin Homes, we strive to have transparent, upfront new home pricing. In most cases the advertised price, or the price communicated by your Neighborhood Sales Manager, is the final price of the home – inclusive of lot premiums. However, if you decide to make or change design selections, it could change the cost of the home and require an additional option payment. Please consult with your Neighborhood Sales Manager for details.