Your Warranty Program

Your Stanley Martin Homes Warranty Program at a Glance!

We have resumed interior warranty work for customers who are comfortable having us in their home.

Please continue to submit your warranty requests, but please be patient as we prioritize these requests for the safety of you and our team.


When you purchase a home, finding a home is the biggest battle. But you want to make sure it has a great warranty too! Even more, you want to make sure you understand it.

Homes Closed after 7/1/2020

This warranty covers all homes with a contract dated from 7/1/2020 and on.

Homes Closed before 7/1/2020

Offered for certain homes with a contract dated earlier than 7/1/2020

Offered for certain homes with a contract dated (1) earlier than 7/1/2020 and involved FHA/VA financing, Virginia condominiums, or Maryland townhomes or condominiums, or (2) dated between 2/25/202 and 7/1/2020 and located in the Charlotte, Greenville, Columbia, Aiken-August and Wilmington metro areas.

This warranty covers Homebuyers who signed a contract to purchase a home from Essex Homes Southeast prior to February 25, 2020.

Emergency Calls:

After-hours emergency calls should be limited to true emergencies such as flooding, potential safety or fire hazards and no heat during winter. If you suspect a gas leak, you should immediately contact the gas company before reporting it to our offices at 888-433-6442.

Contact Us:

Please use the form below to submit a new home warranty request. Once your form is submitted, you local team will contact you to talk through the request and schedule service visits as needed.