Your Warranty Program

Your Stanley Martin Homes Warranty Program at a Glance!

* This warranty applies only to certain homeowners, as specified in the home sales contract: (1) Homeowners with FHA/VA financing; (2) Virginia condominium homeowners, and (3) certain Maryland townhome and condominium homeowners.

Emergency Calls:

After-hours emergency calls should be limited to true emergencies such as flooding, potential safety or fire hazards and no heat during winter. If you suspect a gas leak, you should immediately contact the gas company before reporting it to our offices at 888-433-6442.

Contact Us:

Submitting a request is simple. Fill out your information below for the 60 day or 9 month inspection and click "Submit". Once the form is submitted, your request will be forwarded to the appropriate local team and one of our team members will get back to you shortly.