Our Values

Home designs might have changed, but our core values remain the same

What an Incredible Journey

Our core values define how we build our business and your home

There have been tremendous changes in home design and product offerings since we began building our brand, neighborhoods and homes in 1966. Now our customers have more options, more space, and more technology. What hasn't changed are the four core values that have established Stanley Martin as a premier homebuilder and will continue to set us apart as we move forward with our incredible journey.

Customer Focus. We've always believed in taking care of our homebuyers, and that goes beyond our service. Every time we've had a big decision to make, we stepped back and asked ourselves, "What would our homebuyers want?" Our customer focus has helped us determine the right neighborhood locations and home designs that match your personal lifestyle.

Honesty and Integrity.We're proud of the reputation our company has built over more than 50 years of building our customers' dream homes. We believe in conducting our business to the highest standards, and every new team member meets with our President, Steve Alloy, for training and discussion about how important honesty and integrity are to our culture.

People Make Our Company.In the words of our founder, Martin Alloy: "Throughout my career, I have always found that the individuals in front of our customers or behind the scenes make the difference. By bringing together a team of dedicated, talented people, we can accomplish great results." We live this value not just within our company, but also with our trade partners, Realtors, and professionals

Passion for Excellence.In our business, we always sweat the details. Our team members' focus on the small stuff drives our ability to deliver consistent, high-quality results. We continue to push the boundaries of innovation and, in doing that, we've built a 50+ year track record of success.