Core Values

Building Homes for Over 51 Years

Home designs might have changed, but our core values remain the same

What an Incredible Journey

Our Founder, Martin Alloy, reflects on how Stanley Martin Homes has grown over the past 50 something Years.

When Stanley and I started the company in 1966, we were young and eager entrepreneurs building homes for young families. We were fortunate to experience early success, which allowed us to grow the company and bring in great people. When Stanley departed from the company eight years later, the Stanley Martin brand was already well established, so I kept the name as we continued to build the company. What an incredible journey it has been. From our first community in Prince Georges County, Maryland, we have grown to having more than 70 neighborhoods today in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, and South and North Carolina.

As I reflect on the last 50 years, there has been tremendous change in single-family home design and product offerings. But a constant has been the four company values that have helped Stanley Martin be successful over the last 50 years.

Customer Focus. During boom times and tough times, we’ve always believed in taking care of our homebuyers. That goes beyond our service. Our customer focus has helped us choose the right neighborhood locations and design more appealing homes. Every time we’ve had a big decision, we stepped back and asked ourselves, "How would our homebuyers want us to decide?"

Passion for Excellence. In our business, we need to sweat the details. We need to deliver better and better quality. And we need to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation. By continuing to work hard to create fantastic homes of outstanding quality, we have been able to build a 50-year track record of success.

People Make Our Company. Throughout my career, I have always found that the individuals in front of our customers or behind the scenes make the difference. By bringing together a team of dedicated, talented people, we can accomplish great results.

Honesty and Integrity. Simply put, "do the right thing." I’m proud of the reputation our company has created over so many years. Thank you to all the homebuyers, Realtors, team members, trade partners, and professionals. It’s been an incredible journey. And you all have made it a successful one.