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Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Stanley Martin home! Below are some videos that were designed to answer your questions about the next steps in the home buying process.


Your Pre-Construction meeting (Pre-Con) will be a place where you get to meet the people who are actually building your home. Spend some time talking through the specifics of your home design, your homesite grading plan, and what you should expect during the process of constructing your home. After this meeting you will be completely informed about how things will happen during the next few months of building your new home.

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At your new home orientation your construction manager will walk through the home and demonstrate how your home works. Learn about seasonal maintenance, lawn and exterior maintenance, emergency procedures you may need to know, as well as the warranty on your new home. Learn how your home works so that you can enjoy it to the fullest!

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You're almost there! The last step before moving into your new home is Settlement. During this step, you will lock in your mortgage interest rate with you loan officer and you will provide many pieces of data to your loan officer to make sure settlement happens on time. Sometimes this seems like a daunting process, but this video will help you walk through the necessary parts and pieces to help you move forward in the process.

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First Heritage Mortgage

Since their inception, First Heritage Mortgage has strived to provide best in class service and to be the premier source of mortgage financing in the Washington DC metro area. Now one of the largest direct Lenders in the Mid-Atlantic area, they provide top notch service, execution, and delivery to all Stanley Martin customers, and they rank as one of the top 100 largest mortgage companies in the United States (Based on Mortgage Executive Magazine.

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