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Martin Alloy and Stanley Halle created Stanley Martin in 1966 in the Maryland suburbs outside of Washington, D.C. New homes in the 1960s were often ramblers, generally had small square footages and often did not include garages. Early on, Stanley Martin began innovating to bring multi-level homes and two-story spaces into its fresh new home designs. Fairly quickly, the company expanded its single-family home offerings to include various sizes and types of townhomes as well.

The company's innovative designs, commitment to quality, and strong customer service led to significant growth over the years. Stanley Martin expanded into Virginia in 1971, and throughout the 1970s and 1980s became one of Metro Washington D.C.'s largest companies and most recognized brand names. In addition to its reputation for building high quality homes, Stanley Martin became known as a developer of outstanding communities. The extraordinary attention to detail was evident in its several thousand home communities as well as its small, infill neighborhoods.

As Stanley Martin grew, it expanded into additional business segments to help better serve its customers. In 1996, Stanley Martin launched First Heritage Mortgage to provide outstanding mortgage service to consumers in the metro Washington D.C. market. First Heritage's outstanding service has led it to become one of the leading mortgage banking companies in the mid-Atlantic region. In 1997, Stanley Martin launched Stanley Martin Custom Homes to build individual homes for lot owners in the D.C. region. And several years later, Stanley Martin launched First Excel Title to provide title and settlement services to the market.

The company continued to grow and succeed, and its increased revenues led it to become one of the 100 largest builders in the U.S. in the early 2000s, and one of the 50 largest builders in the U.S. by 2010. Stanley Martin then launched its southern expansion, entering Charlottesville in 2013, Richmond in 2014, Raleigh in 2014.

In 2017, Stanley Martin joined the Daiwa House Group. Daiwa House is one of the largest real estate and development companies in the world and provides synergies and capital access that supports Stanley Martin's national expansion strategy. In 2018, Stanley Martin opened in two new cities: Charleston, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia.

The company continues to thrive and, in February 2020, expanded its operations into additional metro areas in North Carolina and South Carolina, including Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC. We are proud of our 50+ years of success and it is driven by homebuyers who every day have the confidence to choose Stanley Martin to fulfill their new home dreams.