What "Home" Means in 2020

What "Home" Means in 2020
  • Written on December 16, 2020

This year has brought challenges and changes we never expected. For most, it’s also meant spending more time than ever at home. Instead of somewhere we returned for relaxation at the end of the day, it’s become our conference room, school auditorium or even cycling studio. Which of the below titles has your home taken on this year?

1. Classroom. As schools across the country have moved virtual, our homes have quickly turned into classrooms. Your kitchen counter may have temporarily turned into a science lab, and bedrooms are now a quiet place where kids can take a test. Set up a space in your home that is comfortable and distraction free – it can make all the difference for your student. A good pair of headphones can also be a game changer, that way everyone’s video chats aren’t playing over each other.

2. The office. Working from home has also become the new norm this year. “Home” is now the office, and our dining room tables have been transformed into desks. Kitchen counters are covered in papers, and there have been way too many video calls from our couches to count. However, making sure your office (wherever it may be) has natural light, a comfortable seat and minimal distractions is key to setting yourself up for success!

3. The gym. The gyms may be closed, but it’s more important now than ever to stay active! You might be pulling your car out of the garage for a quick workout. Maybe moving your coffee table for some extra space to follow along to your favorite YouTube workout. Working from home gives you extra time to work out, so even a quick stair workout during your lunch break can give you those feel-good endorphins. You can use household items as gym equipment too – your laundry detergent bottles are the perfect substitution for weights.

4. Multi-generational home. Family has always been the heart of our homes. However, with busy schedules and family spread out in different cities, it can sometimes be hard to find time when the whole family can be together. The pandemic has made it possible to spend more time with your family at home, with college students temporarily moving back and extended family coming to stay with loved ones. Don’t take this time for granted! Whether it’s cooking a family meal together or piling on the couch for a movie night, there is so much time to really connect with each other.

5. Comfort. With all the uncertainty and unexpected turns this year has brought, our homes have been one of the few steady places to go to. While we are making it work and turning our houses upside down to be all of these things, the sense of comfort you have at the end of the day is unbeatable. “Home” means comfort this year, because it is a stable place to turn when the outside world can be chaotic. There is no better feeling than cuddling up on the couch at the end of a long day with a warm drink and your loving family at your side.

The meaning of “home” has completely changed this year as we navigate through these times of uncertainty. Take some time to reflect on what home means to you, and let our Stanley Martin Homes team know if there are any new titles we missed!