What is a Quick Move-In Home?

What is a Quick Move-In Home?
  • Written on August 12, 2021 By Stanley Martin

The term Quick Move-In describes a Stanley Martin home that is currently under construction and some or all selections may have already been chosen. A Quick Move-In home differs from a Move-in-Ready home which is a home that is completely finished and ready for a homebuyer to move into.

What are the benefits of a Quick Move-In home?

1. Shorter wait periods.

The biggest benefit of a Quick Move-In home is that they are already under construction so homebuyers can move in faster than if they were to build a home from the ground up. Depending on the stage the home is in the building process, homebuyers may still have an opportunity to make certain selections before the home is completed. 2. Can view floor plans in person before purchase.

2. Can view floor plans in person before purchase.

Though Stanley Martin offers several ways to virtually view and tour homes, for some people, it may be difficult to visualize how a home may look before physically stepping foot inside of it. Quick move-in homes allow for potential homebuyers to walk through a floor plan they are interested in and begin to think about how the floor plan will function in their everyday lives.

3. There are less decisions to make.

Purchasing a Designer Inspired Quick Move-In home is a great way to become part of a new neighborhood without having to go through the, sometimes lengthy decision-making process and wait that is associated with building a home from start to finish. For example, when you buy a Quick Move-In home, you don't have to choose a homesite, pick out a home design, or fret over the color of your kitchen island granite. The home’s feature finishes are carefully chosen by our design experts so you can rest assured that the selections made will be appealing and on trend.

How do I purchase a Quick Move-In home?

Are you looking to move into a new home without the wait? Consider a Stanley Martin Quick Move-In home and find your new home today. Contact our New Home Consultants hereto schedule a tour of a home. Our team will guide you through the rest of the process, from securing financing, to completing any remaining construction items, and all the way to closing.