Tips for Transitioning Back to School in a New Home

  • Written on August 15, 2022 By Stanley Martin Homes

As summer comes to a close, parents wonder how to make the transition easier for the entire family. The back-to-school transition can be a struggle for parents and kids, especially if you just moved into a new home. Here are some tips to help get your little ones back on track with supplies and how to use the rooms within your new home to help make back-to-school seem like a breeze.

Get a routine going quickly. Summer is the perfect time to slack off and relax, but this downtime can make the transition back to school rough. Start each morning with a defined routine; this will jump-start your kids’ day in the right direction. The daily routine ensures a bright morning and a sleepy evening. Although it may be hard at first, they will be used to the routine after a few weeks, and all will be in order.

Get organized. Create a family calendar with school and extracurricular activities and put it in a common area. Setting up a homework station with basic supplies is also important in getting organized. From private studies to bonus rooms and great rooms with desks, many designs Stanley Martin offers have a place for the kids to drop their bags and start hitting the books. And, with our open floor plans, parents are never too far away to offer help on assignments.

Don’t minimize the importance of quality gear.A nice backpack goes a long way, and a “cool” lunchbox not only makes your kid smile but will also give them lunchroom credibility with classmates. Let your children pick out a great backpack and spend a little extra on it. A lousy backpack can cause back and shoulder pain. Make sure to load the backpack up and have your child carry it around before making the purchase. This way, you’ll know whether it will be an issue. Similarly, a lunchbox is something they will have for a while. Letting them choose gives them some autonomy, and, eventually, you can provide them with the freedom and responsibility of making and packing their lunch. Simultaneously, children learn the value and responsibility of packing their lunch and saving money!

Beat lunchbox boredom. Lunchtime can be dreary when it becomes the same old peanut butter and jelly each day. Skip the traditional sandwich or its requirements, such as bread or a square shape. Bounce the bread and put the traditional sandwich fillings in a tortilla, pita or flatbread. Mix it up with cookie cutters for fun shapes. Roll the sandwich with a rolling pin using bread slices to make roll-ups. Toss the sandwich idea and replace it with soup, chili or pasta salad. For sides, pack some carrots, cucumber slices or other crisp veggies with some dressing. Another great side item is wheat crackers with cream cheese spread, hummus, fruit spread or peanut butter. At the bottom of the bag, place a small note and a wrapped chocolate or treat to let your kiddies know how much you love and care for them! The spacious kitchens featured in our new homes make preparing all meals at home for the family fun and creative.

If you’re searching for a new home perfect for your back-to-school family, look at Stanley Martin's available SMart Selected Homes in your area.