The Benefits of Working with a New Home Consultant

Employees having a meeting over video conference
  • Written on December 20, 2023 By Stanley Martin

Taking the step to buy a home might feel like a leap of faith. In fact, it can even be downright overwhelming. From the beginning of the homebuying process to the unique details of new home construction, we understand, which is why our New Home Consultants are here to help you every step of the way. Think of them as your tour guide on the journey to your dream home.

Meet your New Home Consultant (NHC). If you’re considering building a new home with Stanley Martin Homes, your first point of contact will be your NHC. You might have a long list of questions from the get-go, or you may not be quite sure what to ask. Not to worry, your NHC is prepared with the answers and the right questions to launch your home search. Our NHC’s goal is to truly get to know you and understand every detail of your perfect home.

What type of neighborhood do you prefer? What area in your new home is most important to your family? Do school districts factor into your decision making? We know the questions to ask to provide the results you desire. With all the pieces that go into the home buying puzzle, you’ll love that our NHCs are ready to walk at the pace you set. Maybe you’re not quite ready to purchase now but want to keep a finger on the pulse of the housing market, or perhaps you want to be in your new space in time for the next school year. Whatever your timeline, we remove the pressure and work alongside you to meet your goals.

Your NHC is with you from the start to finish. Real estate agents, sales consultants and design consultants all have a significant purpose, but they also have a specific role and availability. The beauty of a NHC is that this person can assist with an array of home buying questions and concerns at the very beginning of the process. You won’t be passed around to different NHCs based on your neighborhood preferences, since our team is knowledgeable on all the neighborhoods that we offer in given markets.

Experience matters. Building a new home is not the same as purchasing an item from the store. This is a big deal, and we have the experience to match it. When you work with a NHC, you’re working with someone who has experience in new home sales. The new home construction process is not a surprise to them. Our advanced tools, resources and team support provide a wealth of knowledge that each NHC can tap into with just the click of a button. You want to work with someone who just “gets it,” and our team does.

The benefits of working with a NHC. We could all use a little more time in our day, and one of the major benefits of working with a NHC is the time you’ll save by having our professionals recommend specific neighborhoods and homes based on your preferences. Comparing neighborhoods be a lengthy process, which is why our team breaks it down into easy-to-digest bites. Ready to visit a certain neighborhood? Don’t worry about scheduling the visit, our NHCs will set this up with one of our on-site Neighborhood Sales Managers. We like to think of our NHCs as the friend you can always count on. If you’re not ready to buy now, we’ll keep in touch with valuable neighborhood and market updates until you are.

Our Stanley Martin Homes New Home Consultants are key players in making your home buying experience a smooth, enjoyable and efficient process. If you’ve never thought of buying a new home as “easy” then you’ve never met one of our talented NHCs…yet! We look forward to helping you in the communication method of your choice (phone, email or chat) to get the ball rolling on your new home.