The Perfect Scents for Every Season

  • Written on May 23, 2017 By Stanley Martin Homes
Spring's most wonderful feature is the succulent smell of flowers blooming, while fall brings the sweetly smoky smell of a fire pit against brisk air. What does your home smell like during these beautiful intervals of scent? If you're leaving your home's aroma to chance, you're doing it wrong. Instead, use candles to turn the air you breathe into a beautiful extension of seasonal bliss.

Perhaps the most scent-worthy season of all, spring has the ability to transform your family room into a garden party with each whiff. As the snow melts and you watch the world begin again, reach for candles that complement your venturing into the outdoors. Opt for labels that promise notes of peonies, fresh rain and eucalyptus. Even if temperatures haven't risen to your liking, the energizing smells of spring are sure to cure any traces of cabin fever.

The sun is here to stay and the beach beckons; don't stop the vacation when you return home. Fill your home with scents of white linen, a turquoise ocean and sandalwood. Duplicate the feel-good moment of a summer picnic with candles that include peach, watermelon, pineapple and coconut. Try opening windows and let the summer's natural aromas blend seamlessly with a carefully chosen candle.

A season with a dense array of smells, fall is truly transitional in every way. While pumpkin spice will likely make its way into your favorite morning beverage, treat your home to the sweetly spicy aroma. Be sure to sneak in a yummy toasted marshmallow scent to prepare you for a fall camping adventure. Whatever you do, think of calming scents that pair well with movie marathons, chili cook-offs and embracing the coziest corners of home.

All around you are pine trees, cinnamon-flavored desserts and cozy fireplaces, so why not smell what you see? Light the wick on candles that offer scents of pine forests. Enjoy the best benefits of baking and lighting the fireplace without the trouble of actually doing it. Try adding warm notes of apple and anything vanilla to make your home smell like a winter wonderland. No matter the season, or the scent, we have homes available for you!
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