Moving During the Holidays: What to Know

Moving boxes under the Christmas tree.
  • Written on December 15, 2021 By Stanley Martin Homes

Are you singing carols while packing moving boxes? Maybe moving doesn’t make your holiday season feel very ‘holly jolly,’ but sometimes there’s simply no way to avoid making a move during the most wonderful time of the year. You probably wanted your family in your new home to bake festive cookies in the shiny new kitchen and trim the tree in the open-concept living area. We get it. Moving this time of year has its perks, but it also takes a little strategy to keep your ‘fa-la-la-la-la’ from turning to ‘bah-humbug!’ Let’s unwrap some gifts that might help make your holiday move go a little smoother.

Mark your calendar early.

Time flies when you’re buying presents, baking pies, planning holiday parties and keeping the kids busy during winter break. Now, add in moving to a new home, and your days just got a lot shorter. Make “time” your friend by planning ahead. Create a family calendar and add in all the dates with activities that are set in stone. Once your obligations are all listed, block off time for packing, prepping and moving. Seeing your moving process on the calendar can relieve stress and serve as a nice reminder to start tackling the process.

Budget x2.

The holidays usually have us saying, “where did all my money go?” Budgeting will be your little holiday helper when moving. Aside from the expenses of purchasing a home like closing costs, down payment, property taxes and more, there’s the cost to actually move. A local move is estimated to cost around $500, but a move across the country can be much more. Now, before you start having visions of dollar signs dancing in your head, try making two separate budgets. Create one budget for your holiday expenses, and another budget for moving expenses. This will help you stay organized and will make it clear if you need to tighten your holiday budget to make room for the moving costs.

Repurpose delivery boxes.

One of the pesky parts of moving is sourcing boxes to pack your belongings. Let those Amazon and other delivery boxes become the gift that keeps on giving! As you order all your holiday gifts, save the boxes to use for moving. You can also ask your neighbors if they’ll save their delivery boxes, and before you know it, you’ll have a cardboard home for all your belongings.

‘Tis the season of giving.

If you’re planning a yard sale or massive closet cleanout before your move, don’t forget that the holidays are the perfect time to donate to those in need. As you shuffle through the belongings that you don’t want to follow you to your new home, make a pile that can be donated to a local shelter, charityor church.

Dine out.

If your budget allows, consider eating most of your meals out during your holiday move. This allows you to pack up the kitchen and steer clear of any messes during an already-chaotic time. Make it a family event by planning to order in, or visit local restaurants to enjoy each other's company while relieving yourself of chef duties.

Celebrate in your new neighborhood.

Moving during the holidays can be the perfect time to enjoy the festivities in your new area. What better time to meet new neighbors than when everyone is full of holiday cheer? Consider baking a seasonal treat and delivering it to a few of your new neighbors, visit the local Christmas parades, join in the community caroling and stop by the town tree lighting ceremony. This is the perfect time to meet your neighbors and experience the beauty of a new city!

Moving during the holidays can feel overwhelming, but with these few tips, you can make this one of your best family memories yet. At Stanley Martin Homes, we understand the pressures of making a move, but our friendly team is here for you each step of the way.

May your new home be merry and bright!