Model Homes: The Best Kept Investment Secret

Model Homes: The Best Kept Investment Secret
  • Written on June 14, 2018 By Stanley Martin Homes
We've all seen (and dreamed) about them. Those gorgeous model homes - the ones in the perfect location, with the ideal layout, all the upgrades and decorated perfectly, like it came straight out of a magazine. But did you know that these homes are actually for sale and people like you are able to purchase them? It's actually the best kept investment secret, and availability of these homes typically only travels by word of mouth - and then they sell. Fast.

There are many reasons why people are investing in Stanley Martin model homes, and, some of the benefits are more obvious like:

Models are usually built in most ideal locations in the neighborhood that are easy to get to and placed on the most sought-after home sites.

Often crafted with all the available upgrades and envy worthy features, model homes are top notch and can come at a more reasonable price than a custom build.

Our model homes are decorated by professional designers and many times buyers have the opportunity to purchase the furnishings at a discount with the home.

But in addition to the amazing exterior benefits, some of the most compelling benefits are actually unexpected:

Lease-back opportunity
The mortgage on the home could be covered by receiving rental income from Stanley Martin during the leaseback period, and depending on the financials of your deal, you could be making money right off the bat. If the thought of being a landlord makes you cringe, no problem, with the builder as your tenant, you can count on it being maintained in pristine condition, after all, the models are prized property made to showcase the neighborhood.

Long term investment
When you make this purchase, you lock in your interest rate. And you can choose to keep the home as a rental property after Stanley Martin's lease ends,* and continue to receive a monthly rental income - or keep this dream home as your personal residence.

Real estate tax breaks
Just like any other real estate investment, deductions are possible for "ordinary" expenses such as mortgage interest, property tax, depreciation and repairs, as well as "necessary" expenses such as interest, maintenance, utilities and insurance.**

Long and short term capital gains
If you do decide to sell the property, there's a chance it will sell for more than you purchased it for. And, depending on the length of time you own the property, you could benefit from a reduced tax rate or even quality for a zero percent long-term capital gains rate.***

Interested? Good! Because we're excited to share with you the model homes that are available for sale NOW in Maryland, with more coming soon in other locations. Just visit to learn more.

Sources: *Subject to applicable law and HOA/Subdivision documents. ** ***
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