Tips & Tricks to Maximize Storage in your Laundry Room

Tips & Tricks to Maximize Storage in your Laundry Room
  • Written on November 23, 2020

Laundry rooms tend to become a cluttered mess of clothes, cleaning supplies and items you just don’t know where to store. It can often leave us feeling unorganized and messy, even with clean clothes. Don’t worry – getting your laundry room organized can be a quick and easy task, with the right products and advice on your side. Here are some ways to maximize storage in your laundry room.

1. Add shelving units to corners. The empty corners of your laundry room are wasted space that you can utilize. Find a shelving set that fits perfectly into these corners for additional storage that doesn’t bog up the room. There are even floating units that you can install higher up on the wall to store lighter supplies like dryer sheets and clothespins.

2. Add a folding shelf. If there's not a ton of work space and you’d prefer not to fold your clothes on top of the machines, try adding a folding shelf. A simple DIY project with some wood, screws and paint, and you've got a cover for the tops (and the hoses in the back) of your machines. It also provides a workspace and can match your laundry room aesthetic. 

3. Install a clothing rod. You may think you don’t have space for it, but even the smallest of laundry rooms can accommodate a clothing rod! Utilize the small space between cabinets, or even above your washer and dryer to hang a basic clothing rod. A built-in bar or tension rod across the length of the room offers a place to hang your clothes to dry. 

4. Behind the door storage. Using the back of your laundry room door is a great way to utilize every part of your square footage. Make the most of this vacant spot by hanging hooks for your brooms, Swiffer or lint rollers. You can even store your ironing board on the back of the door by installing a simple hook.

5. Utilize your wall space. Don’t let empty wall space go unused! You can easily use that area to be functional and decorative. Find a decorative hook to hang hats or bags on. If you to hide a mess of supplies, use some decorative baskets! Place them on a shelf and quickly throw all of your laundry supplies into them to hide the clutter. This will make your laundry room look polished, with little effort on your part.

6. Look into in-between storage units. If you don’t have much space around your washer and dryer, it’s time to look into storing your detergents in between them! Search for a sliding storage tower that can fit between your units. Not only can this make it easy to keep tidy, it also makes everything easy to find in one spot.

We hope these quick tips and tricks inspire you to minimize clutter and maximize storage in your laundry room. You’ll be surprised how an organized laundry room can improve your life!