I'm on a Neighborhood's Interest List - What Does That Mean?

I'm on the Interest List! Now What?
  • Written on May 18, 2021 By Stanley Martin

We are living in a time where almost everyone is looking to buy a home. Whether it’s to stretch out a bit more and have additional space or to start fresh in a new city, people are on the move and ready to buy. But with such a sharp increase in potential buyers, homebuilders like Stanley Martin Homes are selling more homes faster than usual, which means production of the homes needs to catch up so that we can deliver homes to homebuyers in a timely manner. With this, comes a new term that some homebuyers aren’t used to seeing: “interest list.” If you haven’t encountered this phrase before, we’ve broken down exactly what it means for you and your home purchase with Stanley Martin Homes.

  • What is an interest list? We’re not in the game of pulling the wool over your eyes – an interest list is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a list of interested homebuyers who would like to wait for a home in a specific neighborhood. Once you’ve picked a neighborhood you’re interested in, there are several ways to join an interest list. Our sales team can add you or you can add yourself by scanning a QR code on our signage, completing a form on our website, or giving us a call. As soon as opportunities are available to purchase a home, we will contact you.
  • Why is an interest list needed? To make sure that we’re providing the best customer service to homebuyers. This process ensures that homes are being built in a timely manner, the quality of homes stays within our standards and homebuyers like yourself can move into your new home on time.
  • How can I make sure I’m on the list? If you’ve reached out to a Stanley Martin Homes New Home Consultant or signed up online for a neighborhood, you’re already on the list!
  • What do I do on my end once I’m on this list? Once you’ve shared initial information, you’re pretty much set! To get ahead of the process, you can work directly with our First Heritage Mortgage team to get pre-approved for a mortgage -- you can even do this online. First Heritage Mortgage can help you make sure all your finances are in order to coordinate your down payment and earnest money deposit. That way when a new home becomes available, you can move as soon as possible.
  • How will I know when an appointment is available? A team member will reach out to you. Keep in mind that the timing may differ per neighborhood; it could be a few weeks or months depending on a variety of factors.
  • Is there anything I can do to make the process faster? You can ramp up the process by working on your financial details after being added to the interest list. Other than that, if you’re in a rush to move or just want to get in a new home ASAP, you can talk to one of our New Home Consultants to look at other neighborhoods that have a shorter interest list, already have openings or Move-in-Ready homes.

It’s a crazy market out there, but Stanley Martin Homes is dedicated to making sure you have the best possible homebuying experience! If you have any questions at all about interest lists or any available homes, contact our team directly.

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