How to Use Facebook Marketplace for Affordable Home Decor

Decor items on a coffee table
  • Written on July 20, 2022 By Stanley Martin

Whether you're decorating your new home or looking for some fresh pieces to spruce up your living space, home furnishing shopping can be stressful– for both you and your wallet. However, redecorating doesn't have to break the bank. Buying pre-loved furniture and decor on Facebook Marketplace is a great way to save some cash, and you'll probably find unique pieces in the process. Thanks to e-commerce bargain shopping, we're sharing some tips and tricks for finding fantastic home decor for less.

  1. Browsing Tips: One of the most challenging aspects of shopping on Facebook Marketplace is just that: the shopping. While there are plenty of gems on the site, it takes quite a bit of digging to find them. Using keywords like "unique," "vintage" and "antique" in the search bar can help you discover those diamonds in the rough. If you cannot find what you are looking for at first, don't be discouraged. People post new listings every day, so be persistent and continue checking the site. Also, you can adjust your search area to a wider radius to generate more results.
  2. Etiquette Tips: To purchase an item on Marketplace, you must message the seller directly. Because listings move so quickly, it's important to notify a seller that you're interested immediately. When beginning a conversation, steer clear of those generic messages generated by Facebook. Instead, write a personable note to demonstrate that you're legitimately interested in the item and are easy to work with. Here are a few other quick tips for minding your Marketplace manners:
    1. If you initiated a conversation with a seller but have since changed your mind about the item, let them know as soon as possible that you no longer wish to make the purchase. This courtesy allows the seller to continue messaging other interested buyers.
    2. When you make arrangements to pick up a purchase, stick to those plans and be timely. Let the seller know when you are leaving, and share your ETA.
    3. If something comes up and you need to reschedule, let the seller know immediately, but don't be surprised if the item goes back on the market in the meantime.
  3. Safety Tips: Because Marketplace sellers are typically strangers, use caution when making a purchase. First, check the seller's profile to ensure that they are legitimate and not a fake account of some sort. Suppose the profile is missing basic features such as a profile picture, personal information and Facebook friends. In that case, the seller is likely scammingyou. Even after you have vetted a seller's profile, proceed with caution. When picking up an item, ask to meet the seller in a public place. If this is not possible and you must meet a seller at their home, bring another person with you, and never go into the seller's house. When making a payment, never do so via wire transfer, as scammers often use them to commit fraud. Instead, opt for safer platforms such as Venmo, PayPal or cash.

Facebook Marketplace is full of items that can transform a blank space into something special. Although the site is full of unique finds, it can feel overwhelming, especially for first-time browsers. However, with these three important tips in mind, you are sure to score special, affordable pieces for your home in no time. At Stanley Martin Homes, we find joy in watching families decorate their dream homes with treasures that express their families' tastes.