How to Use Your Garage to the Fullest

How to Use Your Garage to the Fullest
  • Written on March 03, 2021

Your garage is one of those spaces that can get messy over time without you even realizing it. Items pile up and before you know it, you can barely walk around or find anything. A cluttered garage can not only be stressful but also keeps you from optimizing your space in a useful way. Although this can feel like an intimidating task, here are some quick and easy tips to make some changes and use your garage to the fullest!

1. Decide its purpose. Before you begin the organization process, it’s important to decide what you actually want to do with your space. For some, a garage is simply a place to park their car. For others, a garage could double as a workshop, home office, storage space, play area for the kids, or an at-home gym – the possibilities are endless! Take the time to observe the space you have to work with and prioritize your needs before making any adjustments or buying any additional items. This way they won’t just sit in your garage and add to the clutter. 

2. Get rid of clutter. If you haven’t used it in the past year, chances are you don’t need it! Take the time to sort through your items and if you don’t regularly use it, throw it away, box it up or donate to someone who needs it. Putting items in these three “buckets” will make it super easy to see how many necessary things you have and what you actually need to make room for. 

3. Paint it white. Painting your garage walls white will give the illusion of a roomier, more inviting space. White walls reflect natural light, instantly making your space feel brighter and minimalistic when the garage door is open. If you’re using the room as a play area, home office or at-home gym, add mirrors within the garage – it makes the space look even bigger especially if you don’t have large windows around to bring sunlight in. 

4. Install wall organizers. If your garage doesn’t have much floor space, not to worry! Installing wall organizers such as shelving, cabinets and hooks can remove clutter from the floor while also keeping your items visible and accessible. Not only do wall organizers keep tools and other items out of sight, this will clear up floor space to give your garage a more spacious, clean look. The key is to keep as little items on the floor as possible – the more visible the floor is in a room, the larger it will look. Things like lawn tools are easier to grab when they’re hung on the wall!

5. Add overhead or ceiling storageIf you run out of floor and wall space, use your ceiling! Ceiling-mounted racks and shelving allow for additional overhead storage and keeping eye-level areas clean and organized. This method is perfect for storing seasonal or non-essential items that do not need constant, easy access to. If you have heavier items you want to put overhead or are just unsure how to set it up, there are companies that can come in and create an organizational masterpiece out of your garage! Just order online based on the size of your garage, give them some ideas of how you’d like it to look and they can set it all up for you and even put your containers away.

6. Find a spot for everything. So you don’t have to repeat this process multiple times a year, make a game plan to keep everything organized and keep deep cleaning to a once-a-year affair. Figure out a spot for every item in your garage. Consider what items you use the most and give them a convenient, consistent spot so they’re easy to retrieve and put away. The less you have to think about where something is, the easier!

We hope these tips and tricks inspire you to maximize your garage to its fullest potential. You’ll be surprised to see how far a little organization can improve your space!