Five Stunning Interior Design Trends for Winter

Neutral Colored Living Room
  • Written on December 21, 2022 By Stanley Martin Homes

Looking for ways to bring some cozy vibes into your home this season? We've got the perfect set of ideas! From bold statement pieces that'll make heads turn to subtle touches guaranteed to provide a snug winter glow, we’ve rounded up all the hottest trends so you can give your house an instant refresh. So grab a hot chocolate and get ready – it's time to deck those halls!

  1. Earth Tones:Enjoy the beauty of nature all winter long! Make your home a cozy cabin in the woods by refashioning those earthy tones from autumn into darker, cooler hues that fit right at home during winter. Bring a bit of outdoor magic indoors and stay warm while delighting in natural colors this season.
  2. Round Furniture: Looking to take your winter home décor to the next level? Incorporate round furniture. The soft edges create an inviting, comfortable feel that is perfect for the cold months. Pair a round coffee table with a comfy sofa, and you have an ideal winter space. This addition creates a more relaxed environment compared to the harsh lines and edges of square or rectangular furniture.
  3. Texture:Another easy way to up your winter décor is to add different textures. Go bold with a matte velvet, or keep it simple with natural linen. Whatever your style, there are endless textures you can play with to fit your personal aesthetic. The cozy textures don’t have to stop at your sofa or rug. Add a woven wall hanging or mix-and-match fabrics with a blanket ladder.
  4. Statement Walls: Giving your home a winter-themed makeover doesn’t mean you have to redo everything. Adding a statement wall is a great way to up the style factor with minimal effort. This doesn’t mean you must incorporate an extravagant mural or even repaint the entire wall. You can add multiple pieces of cool-toned art to an existing wall for some added flair.
  5. Indoor Plants:This one may come as a surprise, but indoor plants are everywhere this season. Adding some indoor plants can liven things up as it gets darker and colder outside. Taking care of indoor plants can be less of a hassle, but choosing the right plants for your space is important. Opt for preserved foliage if you’re looking for a super low-maintenance indoor plant. Not only does it pair well with this festive time, but it takes little to no effort to maintain.

Whatever your winter style is, there are many ways to alter your home décor for the season. As we move into the colder winter months, it’s important to make our homes feel warm and inviting. By incorporating some of these interior design trends, you can bring both style and warmth into your home this winter season.