Affordable Activities for Kids During Summer Break

kids playing with a soccer ball
  • Written on June 01, 2022 By Stanley Martin Homes

School's out! As kids celebrate the end of homework and days spent indoors, parents everywhere are scrambling to find activities to entertain their kids for the next several weeks. Vacations, camps and sports are great, but what about the in-between hours that could easily have them saying, "we're bored"? Avoid this dreaded phrase, and dodge breaking the bank with a few simple summertime activities that will come in handy on the long sunny days ahead. Here's a list of our favorite summer activities that will keep your little ones– and your wallet– happy.

  1. Go for a nature walk. There's nothing like fresh air and a free learning opportunity. There are plenty of spots to transform a simple walk into a summertime adventure no matter where you live. All you need is a little curiosity and a set of walking shoes. Spice up the walk with a game of 'I spy' or plan a scavenger hunt along the route. In the end, a nature walk is a perfect time to engage in conversation with your little ones and cherish the slower days without the hectic hustle and bustle of a school routine.
  2. Try an evening of stargazing.Looking at the beautiful sky is a magical experience free of charge. Set up blankets and snacks to fully immerse yourself in the sparkling sky. You can even download apps to enhance your experience. SkyView is a top-rated app that allows users to identify stars, constellations, satellites and more! Just because science class isn't in session doesn't mean your kids can't learn a few fascinating facts about the world around us.
  3. Make homemade ice cream. Is it even summertime if there's no ice cream? We think not. Ice cream shop visits can get pricey, and with so many summer days to fill, it's worth finding an at-home ice cream option that gets everyone involved. Try making ice cream in a bag, which is a fun activity and a tasty treat all in one! You can also use an ice cream maker or set up an ice cream bar with all the toppings for your kids' choosing.
  4. Host a lemonade stand. You might not make a million dollars, but the experience of hosting a neighborhood lemonade stand is priceless. It is also a great way to make math fun and teach kids how to count money. Not to mention, a lemonade stand can occupy kids for days. From painting promotional signs to crafting unique lemonade concoctions, your kids might turn into business tycoons overnight! If you want to get really crafty, try building a portable lemonade stand to take around the neighborhood.
  5. Create a time capsule. What's childhood without a bit of memory-making? Building a time capsule is imaginative, fun and free! Again, this activity incorporates a bit of education by having each child write a letter to their future selves. Get their minds spinning by prompting them to make predictions. Don't forget to include photos, drawings and other memorable items that will be fun to dig up years down the road.
  6. Visit the library. There's nothing like having your very own library card. Trade-in summer days in front of the television for visits to the local library. It's an outing, educational opportunity and imagination exploration. You might be surprised by all the library's free activities for kids. From summer reading, storytime, crafts and free lessons, the library is a must-visit spot during summer break.
  7. Camp in the backyard. Take a free family vacation to your very own backyard. Get the campfire crackling, the marshmallows toasting, and the stories flowing without leaving your property. The key to avoiding the summer slump is making your environment exciting and new, and a camping experience will do just that.

Sweet summertime is calling, and sometimes, the best memories are made without spending a dime. We hope this list helps you plan your upcoming family activities. More importantly, we hope it sparks quality time with those you hold nearest and dearest. At Stanley Martin Homes, we believe homes should be designed for the way you live in every season.