A Breakdown of Your New Home Warranty

  • Written on September 01, 2022 By Stanley Martin

One of the significant benefits of purchasing a new home is the home warranty that is included. This warranty covers the repair of specific items in your home. Here’s a breakdown of the Stanley Martin warranty, so you’ll know what to expect after closing.

Warranty Timelines

60 Day Inspection

After closing, you will have what is called a 60-day warranty inspection. This inspection, conducted by your Neighborhood Construction Manager, addresses any warrantable items you have identified. As your new home settles, it’s normal for there to be some drywall nail pops and cracks. The Stanley Martin warranty team will repair these drywall issues to restore the walls or ceilings. TIP: make and keep a running list of items as you come across them leading up to the 60-day inspection. This will make it easier when it comes time to submit your warranty list.

1 Year Warranty

Your one-year warranty, or your workmanship warranty, covers the handiwork of your roof, countertops, doors, windows and finished floor surfaces. Within the period, you can submit claims to the warranty department for repairs of these items as they relate to installation methods and the standards used in constructing your new home. If there are any issues with the finish or completeness of the items listed, they will be addressed during the one-year period.

2 Year Warranty

Your two-year warranty, or your systems warranty, covers your electrical, plumbing and mechanical structures. All of the systems that function behind the walls of your home, such as wiring, piping and ductwork, are addressed at this time. Within that two-year period, you can submit claims to the warranty department for repairs of these systems.

10 Year Warranty

Your ten-year warranty, or your structural warranty, covers the specific load-bearing aspects of your home, such as your home’s foundation, floor framing system, load-bearing walls and roof framing. The structural warranty also covers damages to your home caused by soil movement. The damages would need to render the home completely unlivable. Items not covered under this warranty would be your driveway, fence, deck or porch, as they are not necessary for the structural stability of your home. Regular maintenance of these features is required to keep them in top shape.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Certain parts of your home are covered under a separate manufacturer warranty. Your home appliances, plumbing fixtures, roof shingles, HVAC equipment and more fall under this category. After closing, you will need to register these items and submit claims directly through that manufacturer’s warranty program.

Warranty Claims

Once you have compiled your list of warrantable items, you can submit a claim using the warranty claim form on the Stanley Martin website. Try to include as much detail about your issues as possible so that the Area Service Managers are better equipped when it comes time for them to visit your home. You can even include pictures in your claim. For emergency claims, you can call our offices at 888-433-6442. Keep in mind that this line is for true emergencies that would make your home completely unsafe to occupy. Flooding, fire hazards and no heat during the winter are all emergencies and will be addressed as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns about your new home, you can visit MyStanleyMartin.com to find helpful resources and to contact your warranty team. You can also download this quick warranty guide as a handy reference.