Home Design Trend for 2020

Home Design Trend for 2020
  • Written on February 03, 2020

For your home to be one of the most on-trend homes on the block, check out these design trends to incorporate in your home in 2020:

  1. Bring on the blue! With Pantone announcing “Classic Blue” as the color of 2020, it’s easy to see that this hue will be a favorite. While traditional, this fresh, cool color is an easy way to add a “pop” without being too bright. Incorporate a vibrant blue rug for a colorful foundation in the living room or small accents like throw blankets, candles and picture frames to add the color of the year to your home.
  2. Let a bit of nature inside. Biophilia is a trend that will probably never go away, but in 2020, it will have a more subtle effect. Instead of large banana leaves adorning pillowcases and walls, the new year will focus more on using lush green colors and delicate flora and fauna motifs. Add this trend to your home with rope and raffia-wrapped chairs, flatware adorned with pastel flowers or deeply stained coffee tables.
  3. Take a tip from your grandmother. We have a new word for you to learn – “grandmillennial.” A mixture of your grandparent’s aesthetic and millennial style, this trend is all the rage heading into 2020. Elements like scalloped edges, topiaries and cross stitching can be combined with contemporary pieces like modern art and accent chairs to achieve this look.
  4. Design a kitchen as colorful as the food you make! While perfectly white kitchens were everywhere the past decade, color is coming back in 2020. For those who love color, grab a can of your favorite bold red or blue and go to town on kitchen wall cabinets or base cabinets. Natural wood cabinets and shelves are also predicted to make a comeback, for those who prefer a subtle look.
  5. Add a sense of depth to the home. Two-dimensional art is so last decade! Add an extra layer of drama, dimension and color to any room with textured or three-dimensional art pieces. Fun accents such as carved wall fixtures or sculptures that can be hung in a dining room or common room can quickly become a décor focal point!

 With these tips, your Stanley Martin home will be stylish and on-trend for 2020 – don't forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook so we can see your design victories this year!