Tips To Survive Spring Cleaning

Although the temperatures are finally warming up and you want nothing more than to head to the nearest patch of grass and body of water, but do you really want to return to a home that still feels like hibernation? Organize, polish, vacuum and scrub your home into tiptop springtime shape and watch your cabin fever fade away.

laptop and notebook Prepare yourself

Assemble a list of everything that needs to be addressed. We have plenty of guides on our Pinterest board that will help you make the perfect list, but be sure to pace yourself in these two areas: room and timeline.

Do yourself a favor and go room-by-room determining what needs to be done. To ensure a thorough cleaning, situate yourself in the center of room and jot down all tasks, scanning the area to observe any and all spaces that may need your attention.

Next to each room, set an ideal date for completion. By setting small deadlines for yourself, you'll feel accomplished as you see things getting done and you'll avoid feeling overwhelmed about cleaning your entire house.

cleaning supplies Assemble your tools
Don't dive in head first with whatever cleaning supplies that lie under the kitchen sink. Review your to-do list and make another list outlining everything you'll need to get the job done. From glass cleaner to under-the-bed bins, write it all down and arrange to purchase the items. Be sure not to look over small things like extra trash bags and sanitizing wipes.

herbs Embrace the natural
If you're wary of spraying down kitchen surfaces, play areas or pet nooks with chemicals, utilize the cleansing powers of natural items easily found in the grocery store. Rid your dishwasher of any lingering odors by tossing a bit of baking soda into a cycle. Tackle any winter weeds with apple cider vinegar and dish soap. Polish wood with a simple mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and water.

daughter cleaning Make it a family affair
Recruit help from a spouse, children or roommates and delegate tasks according. Truthfully, you may get some pushback. Make the project more enticing by painting a picture of what your helpers will soon enjoy by pitching in. A tidy playroom, a sharp-looking garage or maybe a bottle of wine.

Know when to let go

If you're like most people, de-cluttering occupies a large portion of your spring cleaning duties. To keep everything in it's place, you'll have to make some hard and some not-so-hard decisions: to toss or to keep. Deciding the fate of more sentimental items may prove to be difficult. Make things easier by starting with old makeup, medicine and hair products. Then, try on everything - yes EVERYTHING - in your closet. If you haven't worn in it within the past year there's probably a reason, and it's likely crowding out pieces that you truly love. Give similar scrutiny to dishes, craft supplies, books and magazines.

Written by Stanley Martin Homes
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