Women in Construction Week - Kami Sampson
Posted on 3/7/2019 by

 What’s it like being a woman in the field of construction?  Predominately a man-dominated field, our very own Kami Sampson would know.  She broke through that barrier some 30 years ago.

Brought into her father’s construction business at the age of nine, she began to learn all the ins and outs.  At age 20, her career officially began.  You could say it is in her blood to be in construction.

Currently, the Neighborhood Construction Manager at Riverdale Park Station in Riverdale, MD, Kami describes construction as “being crafty but on a much larger scale.”  Indeed.  With 30 units actively under construction at any given time, it takes juggling many hard hats in the air at once.  Her daily responsibilities of a construction manager include, writing out schedules, scheduling contractors, making sure materials are ordered and delivered on time, keeping abreast of all the mandatory building codes and ensuring we meet and exceed them, attending all the county inspections, and probably the most demanding, managing the customer’s expectations – from preconstruction, pre-drywall, to the final walk-through before closing.

With all that, Kami loves what she does and is happy to wear a hard hat even it that means a bad hair day here or there and even purchased her uniform for something more feminine than the standard issued attire.  But it’s worth it to not be “sitting behind a desk, being a part of something bigger and actually building something,” Kami said.

Throughout the past 30 years, Kami is now seeing more and more women in tradesmen’s positions, such as electricians and plumbers.  Kami states that the keys to success in gaining traction in the construction industry, and truthfully across any industry, “is always maintain a level of a professionalism in the field so you are taken seriously.”  She’s been through the years of being questioned on her decisions because of being of a woman but through her knowledge, skills, experience, and professionalism she builds and develops trust and respect.

Women in Construction Week is for you Kami and all the women in the field of construction!  We’re so happy that you are a part of the Stanley Martin family.

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