Painting Your Home: White Walls or Color?
Posted on 8/11/2017 by Stanley Martin Homes
One thing to remember when it comes to painting walls in your home is that it's only paint! If you don't like the colors you choose, you can always paint over it. Paint is very forgiving.

With that in mind, let's talk color. Many people like the look of white walls. Maybe it goes with their design theme-that's perfectly fine. But if you're leaving your walls white because you're afraid of choosing the wrong color, you're missing out on something that could bring you much joy and happiness over the years.

Remember, if you paint a room in a color you don't end up liking, you can always go buy a few more cans of paint in a color you do like and paint it over again. Granted, it's a little bit of extra work, but it's not a mistake. Instead of calling it a "mistake" when you paint the wrong color, just call it a "creative experiment." Consider it part of the process of finding the perfect color for that room, or wall.

When it comes to choosing colors for your walls, there are all kinds of suggestions on the Internet. For example, yellow is not supposed to be a good color to paint a kid's bedroom because it's an energetic color, which is not exactly what you want when you're trying to get your little ones to sleep. Green is a better choice because it's one of the earth tones and is known to have a calming effect, which is important at the end of a long day.

A quick online search for ideas on which colors to paint each room in your home will net millions of results. And, you could probably spend days on Pinterest pinning and sifting through all the inspirational and creative paint ideas. That's fun! Go ahead and do that. But don't think the Internet must be your only source of inspiration.

Your best source of inspiration is right in your own home: your family! Look to your family for color recommendations when painting your walls.

Ask them what their favorite colors are. Does your son have a red guitar? Would he like his room red, too? Does your daughter play soccer? Would she like green walls like the soccer playing field? How about that Man Cave? Maybe two colors that represent his favorite team?

Painting your home can be fun. Make it experimental. Be creative. And most of all, don't stress! Remember, if your "creative experiment" includes a few trips to the paint store and a few recoats to get the color just right, no big deal. Plus, those sample paint cans don't cost much. All that matters is the end product, even if it took you a while to get there. Now, get painting!

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