Weird Jobs Employees at Stanley Martin Have Had
Posted on 6/5/2017 by Stanley Martin Homes
People who work at Stanley Martin are very dedicated and hardworking people, and we were curious as to how they got here, so we asked them where they have been! Some of the weirdest jobs the employees of Stanley Martin Homes have had in the past are:

  • Santa at the mall
  • MMA Ring Girl - super cool!
  • Elevator repair man
  • Biologist << smart!
  • Painter
  • Farmer
  • Delivered Phone Books (what's a phone book? Kidding!)
  • Unloading microwaves off of a conveyor belt at a GE plant << definitely up there

  • "When in the service during Desert Storm we had to dispose of and burn all human waste, I had to stir it while it burned to make sure it all burned properly." - SMH Employee

  • Promotional Model - giving away cigarettes at Nascar
  • Gas Station attendant (must be from New Jersey, ha!)
  • Scooping ice cream << must have given you some good arm muscle!
  • Ambulance Waxer

  • "Installing perimeter defense barriers at Camp David, FBI Headquarters, and NSA" - SMH Employee

    As you can see, our team has had some pretty cool and off the wall jobs. Working is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

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