5 Ways to Help Others While Staying at Home
Posted on 4/14/2020 by

The majority of the U.S. is staying at home right now. For some, it's an opportunity for additional family and free time, but many of our neighbors, local businesses and other community members are struggling because of the current circumstances. If you're fortunate enough to be able to give back during this time, there are plenty of ways you can support and help businesses, friends and more from the comfort of your home! Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Help those on the front lines. Employees in the medical field are risking their lives to save others daily. While social distancing is key, you can assist healthcare workers in many ways including donating money, supplies and more to your local hospital or clinic. Monetary donations can go towards making sure essential employees are staffed on the front lines or even help teams purchase much needed protective wear.
  2. Donate from your pantry. With groceries flying off the shelves faster than can be replaced, many are turning to alternate stores to feed their families. Food banks previously serving 100 people per week are now seeing 900 people on a single day and are struggling to assist. To help make sure everyone has food on the table during this crisis, think about donating items from your pantry to your local food banks. Some necessary staples that you may already have include canned vegetables, soup, pasta and more – see here for a full list of what can be donated.
  3. Eat local. The rapid shutdowns of businesses have thrown most restaurants into a sudden and complete disarray. To ensure that your favorite eatery survives the effects of COVID-19, try to continue visiting them as you previously would. Although their seating areas may be closed, most restaurants are switching to take-out or delivery options for a quick way to grab dinner. You can purchase a gift card, if available, so they get the money now and you can use it when they reopen! In addition to the establishment itself, you can also help your favorite bartender or waitress using websites like Virtual Tip Jar and Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation.
  4. Make masks. The Centers for Disease Control has now suggested that all Americans wear cloth face masks in public. As surgical and N95 supplies are limited and should be saved for medical workers, cloth masks are a great alternative. Grab some old t-shirts or handkerchiefs and turn them into handmade masks using this quick tutorial. If you have enough supplies, make masks for neighbors or donate them to your local hospital.
  5. Reach out to others. During this time, it's important we stick together – we're all in this together! Check in on family members, friends and neighbors to see how they're doing, make sure they have essential items and extend an offer to help. While doors are closed and isolation continues, a simple phone call to show that you're thinking about them can mean so much! To get valuable face time in, use phone and computer applications like FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts and more to see your favorite people without leaving your home.

Through these trying times, we all need to make sure we work together, follow the CDC guidelines to stay inside and help slow the spread of the coronavirus. If you're able, we hope you'll join Stanley Martin Homes in giving back to our communities and working together with friends and neighbors to stay strong and united.

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