Walkable Suburbs? We've Got You Covered!
Posted on 6/26/2017 by Stanley Martin Homes
It is convenient. It is relaxing. It is amazing!

What if we told you that this kind of lifestyle was available in ...gasp... the suburbs? Well, it's true! Join us as we tell you about three walkable suburbs- Saunders Station in Richmond, Hollymead Walk in Charlottesville, and Riverdale Park Station in Maryland.

Saunders Station in Richmond

Stop by our suburban community in Saunders Station and you'll see why we think it's a truly walkable location. Shopping, dining, entertainment, and more are just a short walk from your front door.


Point your feet in the direction of West Broad Marketplace, and you'll be at Wegmans, Cabela's, or one of the many nearby shops. Either way, you won't need your car keys to get there.

Hollymead Walk in Charlottesville

One of the most pleasant areas to stroll in Hollymead Walk is the plaza area at the center of town, complete with benches where you can rest. If recreation is more your style, there is plenty to keep you busy at this location, too. Are you an avid do--it-yourselfer? If so, it's good to know the local hardware store is just a few steps away. How cool is it that all your basic needs can be met without revving your engine? Just slip on your walking shoes and head out the door.

rooftop terrace

Oh and did we mention these townhomes have a rooftop terrace?! The possibilities are endless up there! Yoga, drinking wine, reading a book, drinking coffee, relaxing, or simply catching up with a friend and just enjoying the view of the mountains.

Riverdale Park Station in Maryland

Wow, this "Inside the Beltway" location is walking distance to the College Park Metro Station and the University of Maryland-College Park, making your roundtrip commute an easy one.

riverdale rendering

And our townhomes within Riverdale Park Station are right in the heart of it all. Anchored by Whole Foods market, this area has multiple biking and hiking trails, as well as ample shopping, dining, and recreation. You won't be disappointed!

If you'd like more information on any of these communities, we've love to tell you more. Contact us today!

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