Get to Know This Pup at Villages of Piedmont
Posted on 9/18/2017 by Stanley Martin Homes
Meet Shiloh. She is an adorable dog that lives in Villages of Piedmont with her owner, Dawnielle and Dawnielle's daughter. They moved into their new home last October and now live in The Carey home design.

Dawnielle introduces us to Shiloh and tells us a little bit about her weird quirks in and outside of their new home.
"She has these quirks about her and we think a lot of it came from her past and maybe she was abused. (She got Shiloh from a shelter when she was 2-years old.) For example, she is afraid of coughing - yes, coughing. Doesn't matter who coughs, she takes off immediately. This weekend, she randomly decided that she didn't want to walk on the hardwood floor going from the living room to the back door, so all weekend I had to carry her to the back door to set her down and let her go outside. Now mind you, she would come inside just fine and walk across the same floor she was afraid to walk across to get out!" << How cute!?

Did you choose your home for the yard size/knowing you had a dog and wanted room for her to play?
Yes, that was part of why I wanted to buy, not only to get a bigger yard that she could play in, but also for the neighborhood. I had a smaller yard before, but not one that she could run around freely like she can now.

Does Shiloh have a favorite spot in your new home?
Shiloh's favorite spot is either in the middle of the living room, sprawled out in our way or upstairs on my daughter's bed. Whichever level of the house we are on, she is on. Unless, of course, someone coughs and in which case she tries to get as far away as possible.

Do you like the fact that Villages of Piedmont has walking trails and parks?
Yes, that was another reason why I chose the neighborhood. The trails are so great and I was pleasantly surprised by the length of them - we've gone out for several hours at a time, exploring. It's also great to have a dog park so close by.

Does Shiloh have any dog friends in the neighborhood?
None that she's actually met. One of our neighbors a few houses down has a husky that is outside at the same time as Shiloh every once in a while and Shiloh will get excited when he's out. She just watches from afar, but they haven't met yet. << sounds like a romance is starting!

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