5 Timeless Paint Colors that Won't Go Out of Style
Posted on 7/28/2020 by

With more time spent at home this summer, it is a great opportunity to add an accent wall to a room or transition an old bedroom into a home office. You can easily spruce up your living space by adding of one of these five timeless paint colors:

  1. Deep blueDarker shades of blue can make any wall a focal point in your home. Turn neutral toned-walls into a nautical oasis with hues like navy or Hague Blue. This deep blue is a great shade for big rooms with windows, like your living room or sunroom, as the paint reflects sunlight and can brighten up spaces. Crisp white baseboards and crown moldings, with touches of gold accents, really make this color pop.
  2. Sophisticated grayGray never goes out of style! This subdued shade of gray provides a cozy feel to any room, year-round. Keep in mind, gray colors can appear differently based on your lighting choices – for a more cool-toned room, avoid warm and yellow bulbs and instead, find lightbulbs that have a blue tint to them. Yellow accents, whether furniture or décor, will make your gray room feel bigger. A word of advice: try to avoid using this shade in smaller rooms like a laundry room – it can make it feel even smaller!
  3. Pony tailBeige colors are making a comeback but they’ve really always been a solid staple. This shade has khaki undertones that make it a bit darker than your standard beige, but that’s what helps it give off a warm and inviting feel. Still deciding on a color for that bathroom you aren’t painting gray? This neutral tone can help make smaller rooms feel bigger.  
  4. Blue-green. Bring some zen into any room in your home with these light mixed shades. Tones like Chill are soft, airy and create the perfect backdrop for almost any décor. Blue-green tones are incredibly versatile and depending on the lighting, can appear more blue, green or even gray – make sure to test out a color swatch in the room to see what undertones come out! Incorporate this color into your bathroom for a way to add color without being too bright and giving you a headache.
  5. Dark crimson. Want your walls to pack a punch? Try your hand at this rich, crimson shade in a dining room, your office space or even your bedroom! Red is a versatile color and can match most baseboard shades, as well as flooring styles. As the light within the room changes and dims, this color gets deeper into a burgundy color for a moody nighttime vibe!

Now the tough decision comes into play, which color are you going to pick? If you’re still not sure, you can at least reference this list of colors to not paint your home when headed to the store!

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