6 Tips to Help Homeowners Have More Fun This Summer
Posted on 7/30/2019 by

Heading out for a vacation? There are a few home maintenance things you may want to consider before loading up the car:

Do a Quick Appliance Check. If you have energy efficient appliances, like the ones that come standard in our Stanley Martin homes, use them to your advantage. Our environmentally-friendly air conditioning systems and double pane insulated windows are designed for efficiency, so you can set the thermostat a bit higher before your trip and still return to a cool home. 

Make Your Home Smart. Investing in smart home technology can bring so much peace of mind while you’re away, especially when you are miles from home and can’t remember if you turned off the lights. With a smart home, just look at your phone to access the lighting, temperature and more. Our Stanley Martin homes are built to be digital-ready, so the pre-wiring for these technologies is already in place behind the walls.

Take Out the Trash. That rotisserie chicken in the fridge may only be two days old now but add in the week you’re traveling, and you can return home to a kitchen that smells less than inviting. Use or ditch the leftovers and take out the trash before you leave to help keep the kitchen fresh. One extra tip – if trash pickup happens when you’re gone, ask a neighbor to bring your bins up from the curb to make it look like someone’s home. 

Looking for summer fun without the travel? Here are three ways to maximize the comforts of home for your staycation!

Redefine “Cool” Entertainment. In the summer keeping the shades closed will help keep your house cooler and can also provide entertainment for your family. Dimmer lighting combined with our open concept floorplans allows you to turn your living room into a pillow fort or spontaneous home theater in no time.

Create Seasonal Spaces. Our Stanley Martin homes are designed for the way you live, and we know sometimes the way you live needs to change with the seasons! With the kids home for summer, your favorite reading nook can be their craft table, a corner of the kitchen island transforms into an easy-bake-oven station or the back deck can be a flower potting area. 

Soak Up the Sun. Look no further than your neighborhood for some outdoor fun! Nearby green spaces are perfect for a picnic, friendly flag football game or just letting the kids run around. Many of our neighborhoods feature pools to help you stay cool. The best part of your staycation? You’re only steps away from the comfort of your air conditioning (and your luxurious shower) after a hot and sweaty afternoon outside.

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