5 Fun Family Activities for September
Posted on 9/2/2020 by

It’s hard to believe that school is back in session and relaxed summer days have already come to an end. But that doesn’t mean family fun has to go away! Here is a list of five family activities to do this month while you enjoy the last few glimpses of summer and get excited for the cooler weather to come.

  • Homemade dessert time! Summer is peak season for a lot of delicious fruits, so take advantage and eat them in every way possible while they’re still ripe! Homemade cobblers are a simple, decadent and wonderful way to sneak in that extra serving of fruit. With just a few ingredients, you can whip up the freshest peach or berry cobblers that will have the family fighting over who gets to lick the spoon.
  • Host a scavenger hunt. Get outside and explore your backyard, your neighborhood or your city with a creative, homemade scavenger hunt! No need to purchase anything besides potentially a flashlight – just write the list down on a sheet of paper and let the adventure begin. From finding and identifying different plants and flowers for nature lovers, to an alphabet version where kids have to find a different object for each letter, it’s easy to customize.
  • Apple picking. As the heat (hopefully) begins to die down and cooler evenings become less of a rarity, apple picking can be a great family treat. Find a local orchard and give your kids the satisfaction of plucking their afternoon snack right from the tree as you support a local business. With so many different types of apples, you may find a new favorite you didn’t know existed. Do some research, have a taste test and vote on the new family go-to. And if you can’t find an orchard near you, consider visiting a pumpkin patch instead. After all, spooky season is just around the corner!
  • Backyard bonfire. The end of September is often the perfect time to start breaking in the outdoor firepit. As the leaves start to turn and the weather gets cooler, snuggling up around the fire makes for a perfect evening of family fun. If your patio is not already equipped for fall, you can visit your local home improvement store to choose from many different fire pit options or get crafty with some stone and build your own! Whether you play games, roast s’mores or just chat, everyone can relax and enjoy that special fall campfire smell.
  • An end-of-summer carnival! With most state fairs and carnivals cancelled this year, your annual family outing may have been put on hold. Bring the fanfare to your backyard with some carnival games, your favorite treats and more! Set up a balloon pop game throwing with darts against the fence, or a can toss with soda cans. For the traditional carnival eats, pop up some homemade popcorn using oil, a pan and some kernels, dip apples (that you picked!) in caramel and have the kids make fresh lemonade. Finish the ambiance with some bright decorations and music, and you have your own carnival without the crowds!

The sun is shining and nature is calling – get outside and enjoy the dwindling days of summer and the cool fall nights to come with your family!

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