10 Ways to Lower your AC Bill
Posted on 6/12/2017 by Stanley Martin Homes
Tired of sky-high energy bills every summer? Since all Stanley Martin Homes are high performance, energy efficient, and earth friendly, we have some tips for you to better cool your house without breaking the bank or being uncomfortable.

1. Turn up the AC during the day when no one is home (try for 72), and turn it back down just a few degrees before bed, to save money and energy. Worried you'll be too hot at night? Get a fan for your room and stay cool the whole night through.

2. Make sure your air filter is clean;be sure to change it every three months. A dirty filter can cost you energy and unnecessary money.

3. Close your windows and pull your blinds down during the day. The house can heat up from direct light and while open windows can help cool during the night, they add an energy drain during the day. blinds

4. Turn off your lights when you're not home, as they can add heat to the home and are a drain on energy. Stay cool by turning off appliances that add heat.

5. Prepare cold meals. Salads, ceviche, gazpacho, and beef tar tar are all your friends. By reducing the heat from the stove and oven, you're keeping your house cool and comfortable.

6. Use Energy efficient doors, such as Energy Star exterior doors to help insulate, and thus, save money on energy bills.

7. Nix hot showers at night. When the temperature is 90+ degrees outside you don't want to be cooling off from a hot shower. Take a cool shower to lower your body temperature and how you won't need to turn up the AC to compensate for a hot shower.

8. If your home has a window-unit AC, make sure it fits snugly so air can't escape around the unit.

9. Upgrade to energy efficient appliances. Once you upgrade your house, you'll see a drastic cut in your overall energy costs and longer life for appliances.

10. In tandem with turning off your electronics, unplug them, too. This is an energy saver which, along with the above tips for better cooling, will help lower your monthly bill.

By adhering to these ten rules, you can stay cool and also save money during the summer. Say goodbye to unnecessary energy costs and see how much money you can save!

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