Where Can Your Kids Get Their Homework Done?
Posted on 8/31/2017 by Stanley Martin Homes
It's that time of year again, when homework assignments, science fair experiments, art projects, history papers, computer research tasks, and those eleventh-hour "but I forgot it was due!" assignments are an everyday reality for you and your family. Are you ready? Having a designated spot and plenty of supplies available will help you get through the day-to-day homework requirements and survive those last-minute races to the finish line to complete forgotten assignments. Below are some ideas to help you make it through the school year with your sanity intact.

mom and son in kitchen Kitchen
No matter how many rooms there are in your house, the kitchen seems to be the place where everyone comes to hang out. With this in mind, having an area in the kitchen where your kids can sit down and do homework is important. Perhaps your sit-down kitchen island would be a good place to crack open the books. As you prepare dinner, you can simply lean over and help them if they get stuck on a question and need a little help. Another option is the kitchen table. This old stand-by has worked well for generations and is still going strong today.

loftThe Loft
If your children are older and they don't need to be near you for homework help, a good place for them to find peace and quiet is in your loft. Since Stanley Martin lofts are on the upper levels, this is a great location for tweens or teens to get away from the hustle and bustle of your home and focus on learning. It's also far enough away for them to crank up their smartphone with their favorite tunes. If you have an attached terrace, even better. They can get a breath of fresh air as they read Shakespeare, study for their AP History exam, or, let's be real here ...text their friends asking for help. Hey, as long as they come downstairs with their homework done at the end of the night, more power to them. Look at it this way, they're learning how to multitask!

girl coloringYour Home Office
If you work at home and can actually do your work with your kids nearby (which would be impressive, no doubt!), then setting up a special homework space for them in your office might be a great idea. This way, as you're finishing up your day when they come home from school, or as you're catching up with work after dinner, you can keep an eye on them or offer help, if needed.

artsandcraftsYour Basement
The basement is a good spot for ongoing homework projects. You could designate a homework table or two where your little ones could work on their science fair projects, build a diorama that represents colonial life in America for social studies, or an art class project. On one end of the space, you could have an area for supplies. Some good things to make available to kids of all ages are:

  • Writing implements: crayons, colored pencils, thick and thin markers, No. 2 pencils, a pencil sharpener, erasable pens, erasers
  • Paper: lined paper, plain paper, graph paper, several colors of construction paper, roll of paper, paper bags, index cards, cardboard, poster board
  • Tools: scissors, rulers, tracing paper, clay, glue, glue sticks, stapler, hot glue gun (with supervision!)
  • A little of this, a little of that: popsicle sticks, clay, wire, cotton balls, material scraps, wood scraps, acrylic paint, watercolor paints, pipe cleaners, stickers, string, yarn

  • So, there you have it. A survival kit, of sorts, to get you through the school year. Take a little time to make your child's homework space special. If they have their own area to learn, create, draw, and write, who knows? They may just do all their homework without you having to remind them! It could happen!

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