Riverdale Park Station - The Lifestyle You've Always Dreamed Of
Posted on 8/22/2017 by Stanley Martin Homes

Why would you want to move to Riverdale Park Station in Riverdale, Maryland?

starbucksWe'll paint a beautiful picture for your new life in these gorgeous townhomes. Imagine you want to be somewhere in the suburbs, but you also want to be able to walk to shops and eateries. You wake up in your 4-story townhome, and decide, "Starbucks would be amazing right now, but I don't feel like driving".

fountainGreat news - Starbucks is less than a 5 minute walk from your front door. The place is brand new and the staff is friendly so you leave with a smile on your face. It's a beautiful fall morning so you stop and look at your new neighborhood. There's plenty of places to sit and enjoy your coffee so you take a seat and gaze over at the fountain nearby or the big sparking blue bear statue.

It's Saturday, so of course you have plans to head to the UMD football game with friends or family. After you head back to your new townhome and get ready, you realize you'll need some pregame snacks for everyone including yourself, but again getting in your car seems like so much effort.

loftAmazingly enough, there are plenty of places to walk to get some subs or snacks for the game. You have options like Whole Foods (if you want to stay on the healthier side) or Jersey Mikes (if you want something hearty to keep you full for the day). On those lovely fall days, you'll want to bring your snacks and guests to your gorgeous rooftop terrace or 4th floor loft. When you are all ready to go to the game, it's only a 10 minute Uber ride!

owner's suiteFast forward to Sunday morning and the sunlight is gleaming into your beautiful owner's suite. You think about the wonderful memories made in your new townhome. Thinking about how you might have eaten a little unhealthy the day before, you may get the urge to get a good work out in.

girl runningYou have two choices - you can either choose the air conditioning route, and walk to Gold's Gym to sweat out the snacks you consumed the day before, OR you can walk or bike on the trails in the neighborhood. After a long weekend of fun, relaxation and staying fit, you smile thinking how sweet life is in your new home at Riverdale Park Station.

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