Is Your Home Safe for Your Pet?
Posted on 11/17/2020 by

So you’ve decided to add a furry friend into your family – congratulations! But is your home safe for your pet? Similar to baby proofing your home for a new child, there are steps to take within your house to make sure your new pal can roam free around the house without worry. We’ve made a list of some top things to look out for to make sure your home is safe and pet-friendly. 

1. Get rid of dangling wires. Lamps, TVs, gaming systems, chargers, you name it – technology is everywhere around the house. For most systems, this means pesky wires hanging around or laying on the floor. Instead of getting rid of your technology, hide the wires with a cord cover kit, command hooks or even a plastic shower rod. If you’re thinking of purchasing new devices, keep this in mind and look for wireless receivers or television mounts that have an inlay to keep wires organized.

2. Keep your trash cans covered. Trash cans are filled with a collection of old food, dangerous chemicals, or small, indigestible pieces of trash. All of this can be extremely hazardous to pets, so keep your trash cans covered at all times! Purchase one with a lid that is secure and can’t be knocked off – ones that don’t open up when knocked over are even better! If needed, you can even store your trash in a cabinet to be extra safe. 

3. Make sure your plants are pet-friendly. Filling your home with lush greenery may be a big interior design trend this year, but your pets may not benefit as much. Several common household plants and flowers like aloe vera, lilies, jade plants, pothos plants and others can cause serious indigestion and stomach issues for your furry friends. When you’re at the store picking up more greenery, keep in mind some pet-friendly options like spider plants, areca palms, orchids, catnip and more

4. Block off your laundry room. Tons of cleaning chemicals? Check. Plenty of large, heavy appliances? Check. The laundry room may be somewhere you don’t spend much time, but it is chock-full of harmful items for your pets to get into. Make sure to have your detergents and cleaning products high up on the shelves and covered. For your washer and dryer, cats actually like taking naps in them so make sure to keep the doors shut at all times.

5. Keep laundry off the floor. Similar to trash, animals can get into laundry just as easy. Not only can your pets chew and ruin your clothes, but small pieces like buttons or socks can be choking hazards. Make sure to keep your laundry off the floor or behind closed doors so your pets can’t reach them. This counts for your shoes as well, so put them away in a closet with a door or on a rack.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the health or safety of your pet in the comfort of your home. Making sure your house is pet-friendly will not only give you peace of mind but will make your home a happy place for your pet as well! 

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