Pet Friendly Floors for People Friendly Homes
Posted on 2/20/2017 by Stanely Martin Homes
You probably can't imagine home without your pet, or maybe you're imaging what home would be like with one. While dogs, cats and other furry friends add liveliness to a home, they can also bring additional work. Wear and tear may become more accelerated in the place your pet will likely spend the majority of its time - your floors. The good news? There are pet friendly flooring options that look great while making life easier. Case in point: the floors offered in The Hamel in one of our Richmond communities, Liesfeld Farm. If you're a pet owner outside of the Richmond area however, keep these things in mind when mulling over installation options.

The Old Standbys

There's a reason tile and laminate are so popular throughout a variety of homes: they're both easy to clean and low maintenance. Laminate provides a scratch and dent resistant surface for pet nails that are consistently making contact. Both options allow for simple cleaning of spills, accidents and traces of the outdoors tracked in by four-legged (or two-legged) children.

New Age Solutions

Ever heard of luxury vinyl tile? What about wood plastic composite? Well if you're a pet owner with a mildly lazy approach to flooring upkeep, LVT and WPC just became your new favorite acronyms. Both options are waterproof, meaning spills or accidents that are discovered after a long workday won't damage the floor. Got a pooch that hates the groomer? Let the pup tap away on either of these dent and scratch resistant options. Seriously, this flooring is great for any range of pet, from Lassie to Babe.

Carpet Without Compromise

Although a bit more high maintenance than other options, sometimes you just need carpet. Bedrooms feel cozier, rec rooms become more casual, and young crawlers can explore to their hearts' content. Where does that leave your pet? The secret lies beneath in a pet-proof pad. Look for something that resists both moisture and stains, with an antimicrobial feature to keep your home clean. Pay attention to the length of your pet's nails as well to prevent excessive snags and tears.

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