Finding Your Perfect (Home) Match
Posted on 9/14/2020 by

Love at first sight doesn’t stop at your soulmate – it can also happen when you see a home that you know is perfect for you. At Stanley Martin Homes, we love playing Cupid and helping potential homeowners find their perfect match. Want to learn more or find your match this fall? We’ve broken down how our team can help you pick out your forever home below.

  1. Figure out the best location. Think through your lifestyle and how your home fits into it. Take into account how important it is for you to be close to your place of work, major roadways and more. Thinking of moving somewhere with the hustle and bustle of the city? Check out sunny Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC or Richmond, VA. For those looking to slow things down a bit and live closer to the suburbs, we have neighborhoods in beautiful Northern Virginia and Ranson, WV. Water lovers can also find their perfect match in Charleston, SC or the Coastal Carolinas. 
  2. What do you like to do? Are you and your family early risers who get up early on the weekends to get errands done, or do you prefer to sleep in and hang around the house? It may seem like a minor detail but knowing what your ideal schedule and activities are plays a big part in finding your perfect home. Think about whether you prefer to walk to restaurants and farmers markets, or if you’d rather hop in the car and drive to the nearest grocery store for more convenience.
  3. Amenities, amenities, amenities! From a neighborhood pool and clubhouse to walking trails and green space, there’s something for everyone when it comes to neighborhood amenities! When deciding on a home, try to envision the ones that you would love using. How nice would it be to walk to the pool on a hot summer day, or how much more would you head to the gym if you didn’t have to drive there? While it may seem like these amenities are a luxury you don’t necessarily need, you could actually save money on gas, memberships, admission fees and more by having them nearby!
  4. How much space do you need? Is your second bedroom becoming more of a storage space rather than a spot for your guests? Has your partner always wanted to put their dream firepit in the backyard? Figure out what types of space you need in your new home, and how much of it. As you tour homes, try to image what each room will look like and the purpose it will serve. If you don’t see the storage space you need for all your holiday decorations, nix it from the list.
  5. Pick a home for your (life)style. When purchasing a big-ticket item like a home, it is perfectly fine to be picky about what you want! If lawn maintenance isn’t your idea of fun, a condo or townhouse will give you all the benefits of homeownership without the added outdoor responsibilities. On the other hand, if you need lots of space for the kids to run around or guests to come visit, a single-family home with an outdoor deck may better suit your needs. Homes come in all shapes and sizes, so take the time to find what works best for your family! 

At Stanley Martin, we want to help you stop ‘swiping left’ on your homebuying journey. Take our quiz and find your perfect match today!


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