Organizing Your Home for the New Year
Posted on 1/2/2020 by

Holiday gift-giving brings a flood of new things to your home - and that means clutter can start building up in no time! Kick off your new year with a more organized home by using some of these clutter-busting tips:


  1. Tackle the “junk drawer.” Almost every home has one – the infamous junk drawer with anything from loose batteries to the instructions for the blender. Face your fears and start your organization process by cleaning this first. Take everything out, wipe down the drawer and think about which items you actually used in 2019. If you didn’t touch an item in the past year, say goodbye to it and hello to more space!
  2. Take a tip from your grocery store. Have you ever noticed that at a grocery store, the items in the front of a display always have the closest sell-by date? Do the same thing in your pantry and fridge! Place your leftover holiday goodies in front of newer food to ensure that you won’t have a pantry full of expired items. Clear, stackable storage containers make it easy to see what you have and meal prep.
  3. Make your entryway a one-stop-shop. The entryway is “a home’s first impression” In the entryway or mudroom in your Stanley Martin Home, combat clutter by keeping what’s visible to just the essentials and mask other things. Pick up a tall wicker or woven basket for a decorative way to store umbrellas without them piling up against the door.
  4. No more stepping on toys! Include the kids in your organization plan to help them build good habits. In the play area, a handy bookcase and sets of fabric bins can help keep things organized. A fun wall shelf is also a great way to showcase your child’s favorite toy cars or other collectibles – organize them by color to create a work of art!
  5. Get your closet (and wardrobe) ready for 2020. Kick off the year with a freshly organized closet and a better view of what’s in your wardrobe! Have some shelves? Add in storage cubes for folded shirts and sweaters so the piles don’t topple over every time you pull out your favorite t-shirt! Easy to apply hooks can help control the clutter of purses and hats on the back of your closet door.


Now that you have these easy-to-follow tips for organizing some of the most important rooms in your home, it’s time to get to work to make sure your 2020 is off to a great start. Happy organizing!

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