10 Tools for Your New Kitchen!
Posted on 11/4/2019 by

You’ve just moved into your beautiful new home, featuring a gourmet kitchen with a large island and an open floor plan that’s perfect for entertaining. We have compiled our 10 favorite kitchen gadgets to help make your new kitchen even better - and ready to host book club or your family’s Thanksgiving dinner.


  • A stand mixer

A must-have, this timeless kitchen accessory that works for everything from baking cookies to shredding chicken to spiralizing vegetables. Plus, it provides a fun pop of color in your kitchen!

  • Herb Scissors

Whether you grow herbs in your windowsill or pick them up at the grocery store, stainless steel herb scissors can quickly shred and chop to deliver fresh flavors in significantly less time.

  • Stainless steel soap 

This innovative soap removes strong odors like onion, garlic and fish from hands and skin when rubbed under cold water to keep strong smells at bay.

  • A cast-iron pan

A cast-iron frying pan will last a lifetime and only gets better over time. Use it for frying, searing or oven roasting.

  • Fruit-cutting tools 

Make it easy to eat more fresh produce with handy gadgets like a strawberry huller, pineapple corer or avocado slicing tool, and save time when making lunches and snacks.

  • A wearable vegetable peeler

Never nick yourself again with this tiny gadget! Slide this peeler on your finger like a ring and peel potatoes, carrots or any other vegetable in just seconds.

  • A knife sharpener 

This small gadget that packs a big punch. Sharpens your dull knives with just a few strokes for easier, faster and safer chopping.  

  • Silicone baking panels 

These reusable mats eliminate the need for any oils, cooking sprays or parchment paper - plus, these are easy to clean and help pans last longer.

  • A Magnetic Bottle Rack

A magnetic bottle rack mounted is the perfect solution for organizing drink bottles and freeing up shelf space.

  • A Garlic Press

Save yourself time and your fingers from cuts with a garlic press. Bonus points, some tools can press, chop and mince garlic for a three-in-one!


With these kitchen gadgets in your new Stanley Martin home, you are ready to have your family and friends over to enjoy delicious and nutritious meals straight from your kitchen.

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