Get to Know One of Our Neighborhood Construction Managers
Posted on 7/6/2017 by Stanley Martin Homes
Eric started with Stanley Martin Homes about six years ago and is currently working in our DC Metro Region. Do you want to know why he chose Stanley Martin and what he loves most about his job?

He told us he's always wanted to be a part of Stanley Martin Homes. He said that this company is where people come when they're looking for a career in the home building industry not just a job.

Eric likes the relationships that he gets to build with our trade partners and our homeowners.

What home design is his favorite?
Eric loves The Middleton. He told us that this home design is the perfect layout for families with children of all ages. << We agree Eric, that home is fabulous!

Do you want to know the one thing Eric can't live without?

He told us he wasn't trying to be sappy, but he said he couldn't live without his wife. Eric told us she is the hingepin to his everything! << AWWWWW!

What kind of animal would Eric be if he could any in the world?
He would be a great white shark - he said they're always moving and they're at the top of the food chain... that sounds valid to us!

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