Move into a Move-In Ready Home

Move into a Move-In Ready Home
Posted on 7/10/2017 by Stanley Martin Homes
Purchasing a Move-in-Ready home is a great way to become part of a new neighborhood without having to go through the decision-making process and wait that's associated with building a home from scratch. For example, when you buy a Move-in-Ready home, you don't have to choose a home site, pick out a home design, or fret over the color of your kitchen island granite. Except for a few decisions such as towel bars, or faucets, a Move-in-Ready home is complete! The best part? No one has lived in it before. You get to make your memories in a brand new home, that's all yours.

So, what's it like to buy a Move-in-Ready home?

It goes something like this ...

You just closed on your brand-new Move-in-Ready home. The closing agent puts the keys into your hands and says, "Congratulations." You and your significant other look at each other like, "We actually just did that!" And then you both laugh as you realize you just made one of the best decisions in your life.

You head over to your new neighborhood and smile as you drive down the street and see neighbors talking to each other, kids running and playing, and dogs dragging their owners behind them.

It's right at this moment that it hits you-this is why we bought a Move-in-Ready home! You didn't want to join a neighborhood with just a few homes and a lot of dirt-filled home sites; you wanted to pull into your driveway and start living. Which is exactly what you're doing!

A week later, you have all your boxes unpacked (well, mostly...) and your place is really coming together. Guests start arriving for the house-warming party and your open-design kitchen is filled with the smell of 12 different kinds of food that your friends and family brought to celebrate your special day.

Your large kitchen island fills up quickly with good food, wine bottles, and more desserts than you've ever seen in one place. Sounds of laughter fill the air as old friends mingle with new neighbors in the great room and you hear loud roars coming from outside because someone just won the bags competition.

Later, after everyone is gone, you enjoy the privacy of your owner's suite and think about how easy it was to purchase this Move-in-Ready home. Because it was already built, you toured the house and got a feel for the space. Seeing every nook and cranny up close before you signed on the dotted line was comforting because there were no surprises. You knew exactly what you were getting because you inspected it beforehand.

You saw first-hand how convenient it would be to have an attached garage, walk-in closets and a bedroom-level laundry. Plus, the optional third floor with loft made this home design stand out from all the rest.

You turn out the light and pull up the covers. Life is good, you think to yourself as you begin to fall asleep, life is good.

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  • Finished lower level and a rear sunroom off the kitchen

  • foyer kitchen lower level owner's bath

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