The McKenzie II at FoxCreek: Where Life is Lived to its Fullest
Posted on 9/27/2017 by Stanley Martin Homes
When you lead guests through a tour of the McKenzie II, your new Stanley Martin home at FoxCreek, they are sure to be impressed.

back deck As you point out your home's features, you think about which area already holds some precious memories. After a few seconds, you decide it's the peaceful back deck because it was your sanctuary during those first few days of unpacking boxes and getting settled. The deck was the place you came to unwind and catch your breath for a while.

kitchen Then you'll lead your guests into the kitchen, telling them your favorite part is how it's so open to the rest of the house. The open architecture allows one room to flow into the other with a clear view of the entire first floor. When you're entertaining, like you will be doing for the upcoming holidays, you love being able to look up from your prep work in the kitchen to see all your guests having a great time. And, during the weekdays when you're making dinner, it's easy to keep your eye on the kids to make sure they're doing their homework.

owners bath Another one of your favorite spots in the McKenzie II is your spacious owner's suite on the upper level at the back of the house with a large walk-in closet and a private bath with double sinks. You appreciate that the commode is enclosed in its own space with a door, which makes it much more pleasant for two people to use the space at the same time.

laundry roomJust outside your bedroom suite is your laundry room. You can hardly contain your excitement as you tell your guests how easy it is to do the laundry without having to traipse up and down the stairs. Even though you love your lower-level space for work and play, you're glad you don't have to go all the way down there to throw in a load of dirty clothes or keep an eye on your sweaters in the dryer.

owners bathAs you finish the tour of your home, you tell your guests about how your life has changed since living in the FoxCreek community. One of your favorite places to spend time is at one of the two pools: a year-round, heated, indoor pool or the 7-lane, 23-meter swimming pool and adjacent triangle with an entrance for children. Your significant other can't seem to get enough of the lighted tennis courts after work and your children can't seem to get enough of the wide-open green spaces, park areas, and the open-air pavilion to run around with their new neighborhood friends. The Village Center, with 56,000 square feet of upscale shopping and dining, is icing on the cake.

All in all, you couldn't have made a better decision than the one to purchase a new home at FoxCreek. Stanly Martin Homes offered upgrades and options that allowed you to customize the look of the McKenzie II, which truly makes it feel unique and very much your own. As you sit down with your guests for dinner, they compliment you on your beautiful home. You say thank you, and smile, because you couldn't be happier with your new home and community.

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