How to Make Sense of Your Lower Level, Literally
Posted on 11/23/2017 by Stanley Martin Homes
How do you narrow your decorating research while still coming up with ideas that are unique and perfectly suited for you and your family? Well, there are probably 9 million ways to do that, too, but you only need one to get started and we've come up with a fun way to get your creative juices flowing: By using your 5 senses, which are seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting.

When you daydream about what you want your lower level to become, think of it in terms of these five senses. For example, what kinds of textures do you want to touch when you're using the space? A luxurious shag rug or durable, kid-proof carpeting? What do you want to hear? The sound of a bubbling fountain or a punk rock band?

You get the idea...

Now, let's dig into each sense so we can make sense of how your senses make sense when it comes to sensible decorating.

popcorn machineSmelling
If a home theater is at the top of your list, then the smell of buttered popcorn will probably come to mind. An old-fashioned popcorn stand might be a cool addition. Or, how about a calming and soothing scent, such as lavender? Candles are always in style!

basketball courtSight
The eyes have it! When you walk down the stairs into your basement, what do you want to see? Is there a focal point? A basketball hoop? A sound studio? A big comfy couch? Is the room dark and mysterious? Bright and bubbly? Is the space open and inviting or broken up into smaller areas for designated activities like sewing, making music, or playing video games?

home theatreHearing
What do you want to hear? The sound of your children's music lessons paying off? Or, is silence more like it (maybe you'd like a sound-proofed practice room)? Have you always wanted a theater surround-sound system and a mega-size flat-screen TV so you can feel the sound pounding in your chest, like a real movie theater? Make a list, and keep those ideas coming!

comfortable spaceTouch
Do you like the thought of plush carpeting under your toes? If you want to walk around in your bare feet in your basement, then carpeting might be a good choice. How about your furniture? Do you need a comfy and cozy napping couch with plush material to help you get away from it all? Plush blankets? Plush pillows? Or, do you need something more durable, like leather, that might hold up better under more intense wear and tear of constant use?

wet barTaste
Do you want to prepare food in your basement? Would a mini-kitchen be a good solution? How about a freezer stocked with frozen goodies and a refrigerator filled with adult beverages? Keeping munchies nearby will keep your family and friends from having to go up and down the stairs to keep their plates and glasses full. If you like sipping wine to please your taste buds, feel free to add a wet bar in your lower level if it comes as an option!

Is there a common theme? Kid's space? Adult retreat? Brainstorm until you feel like you've got enough ideas to start narrowing them down.

The next step? Pinterest, of course. Happy decorating!

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