5 Reasons Why a Stanley Martin Home Is Perfect for Your Holiday Celebration
Posted on 12/10/2018 by Stanley Martin Homes

5 Reasons Why a Stanley Martin Home Is Perfect for Your Holiday Celebration 

1. You like options, and we offer hundreds of them. Your home is a blank canvas to customize with a range of amenities, finishes and upgrades. Add a fireplace to level-up the cozy. Build in a second oven to cook turkeys, hams and roasts to delicious perfection. Add an extra bedroom—or a whole floor—for company, storage and retreat space. Incorporate the details that make your place unique and shareable.
 2. Need something to do? We’ve got you. How can we say this delicately? In a houseful of guests, someone may go a little... wintertime stir-crazy (including you). Our communities feature dog parks, swimming pools, walking trails, and lots of nearby shopping and great dining. Get out of the house and make memories in vibrant neighborhoods that are designed to turn ordinary days into memory-making days. 

3. There’s plenty of room for everyone. You know how it is when family comes to town. Someone may have to sleep upright in a recliner. A very unlucky person may get stuck sharing a room with a relative who snores—a lot. Spacious bedrooms, a large living room and an open floor plan that’s both practical and pretty mean everyone will be comfortable, whether you’re hosting two visitors or twenty-two.
 4. You’re easy to map on the GPS. Nestled in some of the most beautiful and picturesque areas in their regions, Stanley Martin homes are close to major highways so it’s easy for family and friends to travel to your home for parties, shindigs and celebrations. And they’ll have such a good time when they get there, your place just might become the new “it” holiday hangout.

5. It’s your personal staycation spot. When the gift wrapping has been shoved into recycling and the desserts have been eaten down to the crumbs, your guests will go home. And once again, all of the features that impressed them will be your personal post-holiday oasis. Every magnificent host needs to get their rest and our homes come with soaking tubs, gorgeous bedrooms and comfy spaces to help you relax in the fresh peace and quiet.

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