The 5 Most Common Home Decor Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Posted on 7/30/2018 by Anna Vasily
Here is our list of what you should avoid doing - or if you have already done it, we give you the solutions!

1. Have mismatching lampshades
Light can change the atmosphere of every place. That is why you need to make it "play on your team". There is a variety of lampshades in every relevant store, but you shouldn't always go with your first choice - there are many things you should consider before choosing a design. For example, you may have liked a pink lampshade which matches the blue walls in your room, but you should also consider the size, shape and material it's made of. The ideal shade should be at least half an inch wider than the base and if you don't have much space in your room it is better to choose square lamp shades, so you can place them right against the wall. When it comes to the materials, we recommend parchment, if you're looking for a more contemporary style. Go for a silk or cotton lampshade if you are trying to achieve a classic or vintage look.

2. Flooding your house with plants
Plants create a vibrant ambience and at the same time freshen up the air - it is impossible not to like them. However, even though we enjoy having greenery around, we still consider it a bad idea to turn your home into a greenhouse. Why? As with everything else, the main rule is to simply not overdo it. Potted plants not only take too much space but also attract insects so be careful and leave the big palm trees for the yard. This doesn't mean to give up having plants around. We just recommend that you get smaller plants. For example, small succulents and cacti make a pretty charming addition to your work desk. Just make sure that your plant collection doesn't turn your home into a jungle.

3. Leaving every wall white
Indeed, white looks clean, stylish and neutral enough to match every piece of furniture. However, if you overdo it you may achieve a dull look, reminiscent of a hospital. Don't be afraid to put some color on your walls. For example, you can add some colorful pop accents that will brighten up the whole place. Even a single wall in different color will liven up your room and make it cozier. If you don't have the courage for a whole wall, you can always use a piece of art. Hang a beautiful painting or poster and see the difference it makes.

4. Arranging everything around the TV
Nowadays, the TV set probably has the same role as the fireplace had for our cave ancestors. We gather around it and watch stories, same as our ancestors who used to listen to stories about other tribes. It is understandable why the TV is such an important item, but it also feels kind of wrong, since we lose some of the personal connection with each other. Don't turn your living room into a TV room by styling everything around the screen - leave some space for actual life activities. Let the TV be an accent, but don't turn it into a central part of your interior.

5. Overcrowding the sofa with too many pillows
Let's face it - in some cases size does matter. The most important thing to make you feel comfortable at home is having enough space, which can be difficult when you have guests over. That's why you need to choose practical furniture. Don't let people compete over your sofa. Instead, sacrifice some of the pillows taking that precious space and store them in the closet until the gathering is over.

Nothing is perfect and everyone is wrong sometimes. However, the good thing about mistakes is that we learn from them and become more creative in finding new solutions. We hope that our list of most common home decor mistakes has given you some creative ideas on how to avoid gaffes which could impact your home negatively.

Anna is the founder and chief designer of AnnaVasily, a boutique platform for exclusive designer tableware based in Australia. Starting her career in France where she learnt the art of silver coating, glass engraving and the secrets of the Venetian mirror making, Anna got more and more passionate about glass. She went to the States and graduated in Boston to later come back to Europe and work for various workshops. In 1992, the nostalgia brought her and her husband back to Greece, where they started their own production. Since 1999, the company has been collaborating with hotels and restaurants as well as some industry starts like Gordon Ramsey, but only in 2017, Anna created the brand AnnaVasily as it is today. Visit her site here!

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