Protecting the Environment in the Areas We Build
Posted on 4/16/2019 by

Stanley Martin recognizes the importance of taking care of the earth while fulfilling a need for mankind. Our goal aside from building great places to live, is to do our best to be a steward of the environment and the land we use.

We accomplish this by having business practices in place that serve society, the economy, the environment, and also by hiring people that really do have the best interest for the earth at heart. Meet one of our Land Engineering Managers, Bridget Acland. Deep down she’s a true environmentalist and conservationist! Her responsibilities include managing our consulting project engineers (we have a lot of those), surveyors, attorneys, and county planners, just to name a few. She also assists with the final design of each project she works on to ensure everyone understands the project at hand.

Bridget is passionate about asking (and doing) what she can to improve how we build our homes and make a positive impact on a community. With a background in Sustainable Bio Materials and Green Engineering from Virginia Tech, Bridget is knowledgeable about keeping our environment healthy while building homes.

“Before any construction starts, we first need to find the land we are going to use. Our land acquisition teams take care of this and the land and its surrounding community drive what we are able to build,” explained Bridget.

With different land comes different challenges, processes, and tasks for how that development occurs. “What people may not know is that there is a ton of research that goes into where and what we are going to develop,” said Bridget. It’s never random. She continues, “Once we’ve acquired the land, we have an idea of what we are working with and what we want to build, and that’s when we start to make decisions on what we can do to work with and protect the natural environment.”

Working to protect the natural environment comes in the form of hiring a number of consultants that conduct various studies on the land. “They help us with identifying mature trees and natural resources located on site like streams or wetlands, they also create landscape plans to plant new trees and replace any trees that may be unsafe to the public, they even develop storm water management plans to remove harmful pollutants from our watersheds and ensure that we provide the best erosion and sediment controls possible during construction,” said Bridget.  Whew!  “Finally, after all the studies are complete and plans are finalized, we get to build a home for our customer that is both beautiful and energy efficient!” effused Bridget.

Yay for Earth Day!

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