Benefits of Buying a Digital-Ready Home
Posted on 5/6/2019 by

Technology is an important part of buying a home that can easily get overlooked – the connectivity you currently have may work now but could become obsolete years down the road due to advancements in technology.

The technology included in each Stanley Martin Home is designed to give its owners higher speeds, reduced cross-talk, reliable connections, and optimal bandwidth to accommodate technology use for everyone in the house. Benefits of buying a digital-ready Stanley Martin home include: 

  • Higher connectivity speeds via Cat 6 Wiring that makes sure your home is set up for current and future technology advancements 
  • Certified internet wiring that’s able to handle Gigabit speeds for faster internet, making it easier for your family to use the web for video streaming, homework and more 
  • At least two connector outlets for easy TV installation with the option to add more in each home 
  • Built-in home security system options for your family’s peace of mind 
  • A home network panel that provides a single connection for cables, data and speaker wires, concealing messy wires behind the wall so you have don’t have to deal with hiding them

Additional digital-ready options include home automation, giving you the ability to adjust your thermostat, control lights, and lock or unlock doors – all through the touch of a button on your phone; as well as an in-home theater and sound system. We pride ourselves on providing our homeowners with a reliable and future-ready infrastructure. For more information on Stanley Martin’s digital-ready homes, visit us here.

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