Decked Out for Summer: 5 Ways to Have Fun with Your Outdoor Space
Posted on 8/13/2019 by

Between these tips and all of the amazing outdoor features in your Stanley Martin home, your family is sure to have a memorable summer. Here are five ideas for fun things to do at home during these warmer months:

  1. Build Your Own Garden. Imagine topping all your delicious summer meals with fresh basil or grilling with your home-grown red and green peppers. Using our spacious porches, plant a vegetable and herb garden. As they can be directly accessed through the kitchen, your home-grown ingredients can be added dishes with ease.
  1. Host an Astronomy Class. It can be challenging to keep your kids entertained for months after school lets out. A great way to keep the learning going and get the kids outside (and off their screens) is by creating your own observatory. The deck on your new Stanley Martin home offers plenty of room to lay a blanket down, set up a telescope (which can also be homemade!) and explore the night sky. Print out a constellation map and challenge yourself and your kids to find different constellations - you might be just as excited as your kids when you catch a glimpse of the Big Dipper!
  1. Parents Night In. Who needs a night out when you can have happy hour in your backyard? Head upstairs to your terrace for a stylish location and gorgeous backdrop for a summer cocktail! Set up some stools and crack open a cold one for an instant party. Even better? Add some mint from your garden to a mojito and sip the sweet taste of summer.
  1. Blockbusters in the Backyard. Be the hosts with most and have a movie night for all your guests right on your screened porch. With Stanley Martin Digital-Ready Homes, you can feel confident in your home’s ability to bring the entertainment (and internet connection) outside. Purchase a projector and simply connect it to your laptop to stream your favorite movies against the exterior of your home. Extra points for the screened patio keeping out mosquitos! 
  1. Cozy Up in Your Reading Nook. Looking for a personal oasis? The sunroom from The Silvan is one of our favorite spots for some “me” time. Grab your favorite book, pour the wine and turn on the fairy lights for a restful evening. Relax and exhale - you’re home.

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